Challenge: Invasion

Is Three Days too Long for a Final?

For the first time ever, we’re in the middle of a three-night final. The remaining three competitors are competing for $100,000 on top of their split of their team’s bank account. While this makes the final more demanding, it’s also pushing the competitors on more levels than ever before.

So far we’ve only seen the first night. A three day final seems to promise a more demanding competition than ever before, but the first 24 hours haven’t been the most demanding. Perhaps Rivals 2 was less challenging, but this has not been the most demanding final so far. We’ve only really seen the expected stages: a swim, a puzzle, eating. Really, the only thing we haven’t really seen is the running. There has been some, but not too much.

In regards to the overnight portion, sleeping in the shelter is far from the worst conditions. It’s not like they’re standing in a subway station, balancing on stumps, or holding a camel. Everyone had a spot to sleep, a mosquito net, and plenty of coconuts to eat.

So we’ve seen worse, but this is only the first half. The second half of the final is airing next week, and the worst is likely yet to come. It’s not like these conditions are exactly glamorous and the conditions are likely going to wear on the competitors. After requiring competitors to swim, drag puzzle pieces and eat vomit-enducing food, they’re expected to continue for another full day.

We all watch the show for the competition and we want to see people push themselves. However, there is a point where the competition is overly, and unnecessarily, rigorous and this makes the show no longer fun to watch. To be completely honest, I don’t think we’ve hit that point in the Invasion final yet, but I can see it happening. At this point I’m not going to say three days to too excessive, but I do feel that we’re approaching the limit where the final may be overly strenuous and not fun to watch.

How do you feel about the three day final?


  1. The whole idea of relying on others is the dumb part and also adding the fact that people lose their leads like on rivals one with each day of the finals. Instead of climbing mountains they should let them run a path so it would be safer for them to film through the night so people don’t lose leads.

  2. Although it was a 3 day final, I feel like it was one of the easier finals to be honest. The first day definitely didn’t last long. It was legit probably an hour or less swim+puzzle solve. Then the coconuts was another few hours at most. Second day was a “mile” jog in with a few pitstops that had 30 minute time limits. The 6 hour bead challenge was probably the longest part of all, and it was just a meticulous challenge with very little energy spent to do. The last day was a 10 mile kayak at about 3 mph speed which is the general average for kayaking. So about 3 and a half hours. At the end it was a short swim (you could see how far it was out in the water) to the beach an a jog down the beach (you could see the poles they were suppose to swim to in the background) so less than a mile jog. At most, it was around 16 hours of work over a 3 day period. That’s not that bad. There is no point where you see people falling down exhausted like you saw in old finals. I don’t count sleeping in the shelter as part of the final as the underdogs had to sleep in it for quite awhile just fine before. It’s like camping in the open with a bug net. Battle of the exes 2 hiking up a mountain with CT absolutely gassed dying in obviously worse shape now compared to back then (dad bod as he says). There is almost no point you see anyone in bad shape at all except the rope.

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