Are You The One? Challenge XXX: Dirty Thirty

Alicia Wright Not on Upcoming Challenge

For the past couple of weeks, people have been monitoring the social media accounts of Real World/ Challenge/ Are You the One/ Road Rules alumni to determine who is on the upcoming Challenge. It was heavily believed that Alicia Wright, who was a cast member on both Are You the One? Season 5 and Are You the One? Second Chances, was on the show. Based on a recent post of hers, she had to drop out due to medical reasons.

I am going to post her full post below, but it appears that she has been in the hospital for a few weeks. Yes, she was slated to be on The Challenge and she hints at this, but due to her medical concerns she never left the country.

Regardless of your view on AYTO on The Challenge, it’s sad to see her unable to compete due to medical issues. I hope she makes a full recovery, and doesn’t lose her opportunity to compete in the future. I send all of my support to Alicia and hope she is on the fast track to recovery.

Please check my Challenge 30 Cast post to see else is on The Challenge. I will update once we have the full cast.


  1. Her AYTO crew needs to get over it, all of them are hoe’s and will never last together as reality tv couples.

    I was looking forward to seeing her on the challenge. There’s word that Briana L replaced her.

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