Challenge: Invasion

The Challenge Invasion: Top Moments from Episode 15

The end of the final is here! It should be painfully obvious that this is a recap, and I will be posting the winners. You’ve been warned.

1. The Second Leg Ends

After making up time on the puzzle, Ashley and CT finish in first while Nelson and Nicole take second. Cory and Camila realize they’ve solved their puzzle on the wrong peg and decide to just take the 30 minute time max and move on, giving them a third place finish for the day.

2. Bead Speed

The day ends in The Shelter, and the teams are given another time buster. This time, they must take beads and string them onto a thread. The longest thread when TJ returns will have the ability to give a five minute penalty to the same-sex opponent of their choice. TJ leaves and tells the teams to get beading. An hour passes, then two, then three, then six. The competitors start to take breaks and eat, then a disappointed TJ arrives as the cast is eating canned tuna. He measures the threads, and CT and Ashley win. CT gives Nelson the penalty, as Nelson has consistently been behind him, while Ashley gives Nicole the penalty because Cory and Camila had the worst time of the day.

3. Third Time’s a Charm

The teams switch again pairing CT with Nicole, Nelson with Camila, and Cory with Ashley. There are two main tasks for the day: first the competitors must walk down the beach with bamboo shoots with hooks attached. As they walk, they must pick up buckets with the hooks and balance them throughout the walk. CT and Nicole finish first and move onto the second stage: a 10-mile kayak. They take an early lead, then Ashley and Cory get started. Nelson and Camila finish last as they never got the rhythm of carrying the bamboo and buckets, however they start to make progress in the water. As the teams progress, CT and Nicole’s kayak fills with water and they eventually flip. They lose some time, but still manage to finish first. Nelson and Camila finish second and Cory and Ashley finish last.

4. Solo Swim 

The last stage of the final is a swim. The competitors start on one speedboat and must jump to a bar on a different boat. This boat will pull them to a buoy where they must release. The longer they hang on, the shorter their swim. Everyone makes it to the buoy, and everyone completes the swim. Because the start times were staggered, we’ll never know who did the best and who did the worst.

5. The Final Prize

TJ “added up the times” and gives third place, and an additional $5,000, to Cory and Nicole. Second place, and an additional $15,000, goes to Nelson and Camila. This means CT wins $100,000 for the men and Ashley becomes a Challenge champion and takes home an additional $100,000 for the women giving her the biggest prize of the season.

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