Champs vs. Pros

Champs VS. Pros: MVPs from Episode 1

For the new Champs vs. Pros special, my recaps are going to be slightly different. So, I am just going to be naming an MVP from each team rather than posting the top moment.

ChallengeAgainst the Ropes. It’s basically Piggy Back from Free Agents, but the platforms are smaller.

Elimination: Pull No Punches. It’s basically Wrecking Wall from Free Agents, but the dry wall is thicker.

Champions MVP: Ashley M. 

Coming fresh off a win, Ashley put her neck on the line becoming the first team captain. A true Champ would know this isn’t a good idea because you never want to be in the minority, but someone had to do it. Because the Champs lost, Ashley was forced into elimination and she pushed for Veronica to face her. I was thrilled to see Veronica on this season, but she’s also been off the show for a while and isn’t use to the difficulty of the current challenge. Ashley made the logical move, and set herself up to go into an elimination she could win. In elimination, despite falling at one point. Ashley pulled through and took home the win.

Pros MVP: Louise Hazel 

Being from the UK, Louise may have never seen The Challenge before, and maybe that’s why she volunteered to be the first team captain. She set a good example for the team by being one of the four Pros to make it across the ropes and her team won. She allowed Candice to volunteer herself into the first elimination, but when the team agreed to draw limes for the second nominee, she stealthily said she drew Lolo’s lime. She quickly adapted to shady gameplay, because no one knew if she was telling the truth or just saying the name of the girl she wanted to go into elimination.

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