Challenge: Invasion

Did Ashley Deserve to Win The Challenge: Invasion?

This week, the winners of The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions were revealed. For the men, it’s clear CT won. He finished first every day and seemed to work well with all partners. For the females, it’s not quite as obvious. All females finished first one day, second another day, and third another day.  In the end, Ashley was named the victor and became a Challenge champions.

Normally, I try to build a case for myself before I state my opinion, but this time I’m going to start here: I do believe Ashley deserved to win. Especially if you’re only comparing her to Camila and Nicole.

Physically, Ashley is not the strongest. Nicole would earn that title. But physical strength is not the only factor being measured in a final, and Nicole struggled in other aspects of the finals. Ultimately, the argument of the most deserving females comes down to Ashley or Camila.

When it comes to Camila, many people would say that she was screwed by Cory. There’s certainly merit to this claim, as she and Cory lost a lot of time on the second day. Cory definitely held Camila back on the eating portion of the final, and if that was an individual stage of the final Camila probably would have cleared her plate first while Ashley would have been the last female to finish. Then we get to the ropes course and neither Cory nor CT finished. Neither Ashley nor Camila really did anything to help complete this stage (nor did Nicole), so Nelson was really the only person to concur the ropes course. The biggest failure of the day comes to Camila and Cory not solving the puzzle on the correct pole. Camila can cry all she wants about how she wants a teammate who will actually help her, but reading the instructions is a one person job. Camila is just as guilty as Cory for this, while CT and Ashley had no difficulty with the puzzle and this was their opportunity to pass Nelson and Nicole to take first place.

Here’s what differentiates Ashley from Camila. Cory easily had the worst single-day performance on the second day, but what if Nelson wasn’t paired with Ashley on the first day? Ashley is a good swimmer, better than her partner. However, Ashley solved that puzzle for Nelson, paddled her ass off, and solved the second puzzle. Ashley made up time on the first day, and she was really the leader of her team that day.

I’m not trying to claim Ashley is the best competitor this season, but she’s well rounded. Other competitors may have better endurance, but Ashley typically made up time at the check points. For this reason, I think she’s a worthy winner. However, if Laurel was in the final she would have been smoked… but that’s a different story.

How do you feel?


  1. I think Ashley was a worthy winner. Her biggest advantage is her willpower. She doesn’t waste time talking about how her partner let her down. If she wants something she put all her willpower towards it. While Camilla will get discourage the second it gets difficult. Camilla and Nicole both felt entitled to the win. Like they somehow already earned it. I’m so glad CT and Ashley won. Like CT said he didn’t really train for the challenge. He was more concerned about changing diapers. And neither did Ashley. But they both had more will power and heart.

  2. Both CT & Ashley deserved the win, in my opinion. Ashley was up against some tough competition but as you say in your post, she is a well-rounded competitor with strong will power. She pulled herself & her partner through a couple of times where others got stuck.

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