Champs vs. Pros

Champs VS. Pros: MVPs from Episode 2

Every hot dog has his day, and this episode was a great example.

The Challenge: Tailgate BBQ basically, it’s Sausage Party from Free Agents but five competitors from each team have to carry a card with the word “chips” on it. Dropping th card adds 2 minutes to the team’s time.

The Elimination: Blindsided basically, it’s Snapper from Rivals 2, except you get to pick your eyes rather than have your teammate do it for you.

Pros MVP: Tia Blanco

The general consensus seemed to be that the Pros’ girls were better than the Champs’ girls and the Champs’ guys were better than the Pros’ guys. Tia performed in the third heat and at this point the two teams seemed to be neck-and-neck. Tia held a huge lead during her heat and instilled fear into the Pros. This was a shining moment for Tia, who has otherwise been a background character in this show.

Champs MVP: Wes

Obviously Wes was the MVP in this episode. Wes did what he does best: play as a troll rather than play with strategy. When Jordan sends him into elimination, he tells the rest of the cast to vote in Bananas. Why? To give the people what they want! Bananas and Wes have never gone head-to-head in an elimination, so Wes calls out Bananas. Now, we have a Wes vs. Bananas elimination, and before he heads to elimination, Wes unnecessarily tells Jordan that he’s gunning for him next if he wins. Somehow, Wes beats Bananas. Yes, Blindsided is a lame elimination, but the fact that Wes made Johnny the girl male eliminated is just laughable.


  1. I was thrilled to see Wes beat Johnny. Johnny wouldn’t have won as many Challenges as he has if he actually had to go into eliminations with equal competitors instead of always hiding behind his alliances.

    1. You’re probably right, but the social aspect is part of the game. I can’t fault Johnny for the eliminations he naviaged away from.

      I was thrilled too, just wish it wasn’t such a silly elimination.

      1. I’m not sure Wes could have won a more interesting elimination. Such as, anything physical.

  2. And by physical I mean actually putting their hands on each other or using their strength to break through something.

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