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25 Biggest Real World Fights

Happy birthday to The Real World! The MTV staple turns 25 today, and to celebrate, I’m compiling a list of the most memorable fights in the show’s history. Anyone who has ever seen the show knows that the drama is one of the biggest elements, and over the years we’ve seen a lot of drama. Here are some of the moments that kept us glued to our TVs.

25. Landon vs. Melanie & Co. (Philadelphia)– The Philly roommates typically tried to ignore Landon’s drunken antics, but when he intimidated Melanie and her friends by wielding a knife, everyone grew a little concerned.

24. Brianna vs. Kimberly (Hollywood)– It’s not like fighting over guests was anything new, but Kimberly instantly rubbed Brianna the wrong way, and had gave us one of the most memorable quotes, when she told Brianna not to “get ghetto.”

23. Ashley vs. Arielle (Ex-Plosion)– As level headed as Arielle was, she wasn’t able to control Smashley from insulting the whole house. How did Ashley insult Arielle? She flung burger grease in Arielle’s face. Typical day in The Real World.

22. Trisha vs. Parisa (Sydney)– These two never got along, but when phone time turned into a shoving match, Parisa has the privilege of sending her nemesis packing.

21. Leroy vs. Adam (Las Vegas 2011)– Sick of Adam’s selfishness and drunken antics, the two when toe-to-toe. Unable to destroy Leroy, Adam was sent packing when he destroyed the Real World suite.

20. Nia vs. Johnny (Portland)– When Johnny made rude comment toward some of the other girls in the house, Nia threw insults right back at him. However, the real reason this fight is memorable: Johnny fought with his pants down.

19. Theo vs. Kassius (Bad Blood)– After spending a season trying to mend their bruised relationship, the cousins finally had enough. Words turned to swings, and production had to intervene. Unwilling to work on their relationship, Theo was sent home for getting physical.

18. Madison vs. Sylvia & Violetta (Skeletons)– When Madison tried to befriend the Skeletons entering the Real World house, the OG took offense. Violetta was the first to confront Madison, but once things got physical Sylvia stepped in to defend her BFF Violetta.

17. Coral vs. Jisela (Back to New York)– When the Real Worlders went on vacation and Malik invited Road Ruler Jisela as his guest, all seemed well. Once Jisela started playing games and leading on Malik, Coral took offense. She confronted Jisela and told her to get off the ho-train.

16. Brian vs. Cory (Ex-Plosion)– Knowing that Cory hooked up with Brian’s then-ex Jenny, it was likely that the two wouldn’t get along. After their messy web of hook-ups was revealed, the two finally faced off in a van fight.

15. Tyrie vs. Davis (Denver)– These two definitely got off on the wrong foot, but after a drunken fight lead to racial slurs being thrown, the two had to be separated and Davis had to do some serious self-evaluation.

14. Joey vs. Ayiiia (Cancun)– These two never got along, but you know things got out of control when Joey spit in Ayiiia’s tacos after a night out.

13. Dan vs. Melissa (Miami)– When Melissa opened Dan’s mail she had no idea what else would come out of the situation. The result was one of the biggest screaming matches in Real World history. Perhaps this is why Melissa opted to move out of the Miami house.

12. Nia & Marlon vs. Jordan (Portland)– Nia and Jordan has a weird relationship where she tried to seduce him for drama. Naturally this resulted in a lot of arguments, but when one argument went from Cheerio-spitting to throwing racial slurs, Marlon had to check Jordan.

11. CT vs. Adam (Paris)– There two have a long history, and a lot of their drama has to do with Adam involving himself in Its situations. When CT fought with a Parisian at the bar, Adam tried to apologize on behalf of America. CT didn’t ask for Adam’s help, and Adam didn’t ask to be shoved… but both happened.

10. Julie vs. Kevin (New York)– Julie and Kevin had their issues, but when that boiled into a racially-charged argument, the two couldn’t see eye-to-eye. While this argument was far more civil than what we see on TV now, it was groundbreaking for its time.

9. Brooke vs. Jenn (Denver)– After Jenn called Brooke a whore, Brooke’s epic freak out was reality television gold. We all knew Brooke was a little crazy, but this proved that point.

8. Brynn vs. Steven (Las Vegas)– We all know that tempers fly in the Real World house, but Brynn’s attempt to control her anger was to throw a fork at Steven. Not the best move because it almost got her kicked out.

7. Danny vs. some random guy (Austin)– Poor Danny, his time on the Real World was rough. Especially because he got into a bar fight on the very fight night where his eye was injured and he had to wear stitches and a bandage for the first couple of weeks in the house.

6. Jenna vs. Ceejai (Go Big or Go Home)– After spending an entire season of listening to Jenna make racial oopsies and trying to educate her, Ceejai reached her limit when Jenna’s friend on Skype directly insulted African Americans. Jenna wasn’t laughing after she was swiftly smacked in the face.

5. Preston vs. Ryan (New Orleans 2010)– Ryan and Preston got into many petty fights, but when Preston peed on Ryan’s toothbrush and the cops were called, both of them ended up looking like fools.

4. Stephen vs. Irene (Seattle)– The original Seattle season will always be remembered for one this: Irene calling Stephen gay, and Stephen slapping her in the face for it.

3. Puck vs. Pedro (San Francisco)– Puck and Pedro never got along, and while most roommates found Puck disgusting, he really pushed Pedro over the edge when he stuck his finger in a jar of peanut butter to have a taste.

2. David vs. Tami & Beth (Las Vegas)– When David tried to pull a blanket off of Tami, he crossed a line. However, she wasn’t truly mad until Beth got involved and start accusing David of assault.

1. Nia vs. Johnny & Averey– The biggest fight the show has ever seen, and it all started because of a little dog shit. Nia proved that she can pack a punch, and when her fight with Johnny became two on one, she grabbed a hair dryer as a weapon…yikes!


  1. I’ll never understand why production allowed Nia to stay, when others who were less violent than her were sent home…

    1. at that point in time they wanted to be lenient and wanted the roommates to resolve their own house issue, But because that fight was so big they went back to being stricter about fighting. Hence why someone like Theo was sent home for nothing on a recent season.
      Same with the challenge, because of what Kenny and Evan did if you lay one finger on another person it’s “sexual harassment”

    2. I’m surprised nothing from The Real World Brooklyn was mentioned. JD went off and it was always epic.

  2. You didn’t mention the best part: Averey fought back, got a part of Nia’s weave, and dropped it to the ground saying “boop!” which was Nia’s overused catchphrase at the time.

    Production should have said if a single person is uncomfortable then Nia has to go or say Averey and Johnny get to decide. Made no sense to have the voters be those not in the fight.

    1. The real reason they didn’t kick out Nia is because it was the second or third to last day. They film promo materials right around the end of the season. That’s why Johnny and Averey were sent to a hotel.

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