Road Rules

Road Rules Alumni Danny Dias Dead at 34

It is with much sadness that I am reporting that Danny Dias who starred on Road Rules: X-treme in 2004 and The Gauntlet 2 in 2005 has died at the age of 34.


The story is still emerging, so not all details are clear. The cause of death is not clear, but at the moment it is being treated as an overdose or a suicide.

According to reports, he was last seen by a friend on Saturday and it was believed that he had taken LSD or mushrooms. He was not heard from after that, and friends called police for a wellness check on Monday. Upon entering his apartment forcefully, Danny was found unresponsive. It is believed that there were two vertical cuts on his wrist, suggesting that he committed suicide.

It saddens me to hear of the loss of another competitor from a prior season. Danny had much potential and will be remembered for opening up about his sexuality and his willingness to stand up for himself.

I will update this as more information becomes available.

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