The Challenge

Is Johnny Bananas Past His Prime?

If The Challenge ever had a permanent resident, his name would be Johnny Bananas. With season 30 right around the corner, Johnny Bananas will have officially competed on half of the Challenge seasons.

In addition to having the most appearances, Johnny also has the most wins with six. Most recently, he won Rivals 3 where he earn the opportunity to steal all of Sarah’s prize money and award himself the largest prize in Challenge history. All of this sounds nice, but it appears Bananas has hit a rough patch in his career.

On Invasion, he was the second Champion eliminated. On Champs VS. Pros he was the first male eliminated- this time he lost to his longtime rival Wes. This is not a great showing for the Challenge with the most seasons and the most titles. While a win is never guaranteed, Bananas is expected to at least see the halfway point.

I still have confidence in Banana’s abilities, but it seems he may have dug himself into a hole. For many competitors, he is branded as a snake. This is not a new descriptor for him, but after his Rivals 3 move his allies may even be questioning him. While he serves as a strong asset in Challenges, his leaderships abilities are damaged. In recent seasons he has been able to rally rookies behind him, but he may not have the same influence that he once had.

Bananas also seems to be a trophy for competitors. On Champs vs. Pros, Wes went for Bananas because he wanted to beat a top dog and it worked. While this may not have benefitted the Champs team, Wes certainly silenced anyone who believed he was past his prime. Wes wasn’t even the first person to challenge Wes based on his ego. On Free Agents, Jordan chose to go head-to-head with Bananas, though Jordan lost that battle. Not everyone is ballsy enough to face Bananas head-to-head, but there are certainly people who would say Bananas name when in a position of power.

Do you think Bananas can win another Challenge season? Or do you think we’ve already seen the best from him?

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