Challenge: Vendettas

Teen Mom Cast Coming to The Challenge?

It’s been five seasons with Are You the One in the mix and it looks like production is trying to shake things up a little more. Specifically, it looks like the cast of Teen Mom has been contacted. Surprisingly, the rumored contact is not even a mother on the show. Rather, it appears Javi Marroquin was contacted. Javi is best known for dating Kailyn Lowry after she started to appear on Teen Mom 2. The two married and later divorced and had a baby boy together.

Contacting Javi seems like an odd choice, but there is one thing that ties him into The Challenge universe. Earlier this year he briefly dated Madison from Real World Skeletons. After Battle of the Bloodlines it’s improbably that production would assemble as cast using outside relationships.

The format of Season 31 is not currently known, though there are rumors out there. It’s too early to say whether Javi, if cast, would be tied to another cast member or if he would be an independent competitor.

I’m really not too thrilled over the prospect of having another show represented on The Challenge, but I have nothing against Javi. If he’s tied into the show based on his relationship with another cast member (namely Madison), it would be OK. Otherwise, I’d rather not bring Teen Mom into the mix.


  1. Isn’t he active duty? Unless he’s about to separate from the military, I doubt they’ll give him 7 weeks off to do a tv show.

  2. I’d rather see AYTO all day than Teen Mom. What the hell are they going to do athletically?What is the need for this anyway,the casting pool from RW is big.Why are they neglecting the over 40 people that have never done a challenge and want to?

  3. I’d way rather see Makani or Cody from “Stranded With A Million Dollars” than anyone from “Teen Mom.”

  4. I don’t like it plus if they want Madison to do a challenge especially for Exes 3 then pair her up with Tony. Maybe I would have supported other MTV like the Hills, Laguna Beach, Jersey Shore (especially when Kenny was doing them), and Two A Days. Plus I doubt they’re going to do it because they won’t have a nursery.

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