Challenge XXX: Dirty Thirty

Will Darrell Fight His Way Back?

After quickly getting the boot for Dirty Thirty, 4-time champ and older school veteran Darrell was sent packing… or so we thought.

When given the power, Cory kept his friend Tony around and was quite honest with Darrell: he didn’t think he’d beat Darrell in the final. How, Darrell is sequestered and will have the opportunity to fight his way back into the house. Right now, he has to defeat Shane and Devin, but there may be more battles along the way before someone enters the house.

After Invasion, we know Darrell is really good in eliminations. He defeated Zach and Bananas, both worthy competitors. However, he’s not unbeatable. He lost to CT last season, and lost to Jill & Pete or Fresh Meat. How did that happen? Darrell isn’t too good a puzzles. This why CT outsmarted him and on Fresh Meat he had to finish the puzzles to advance in the Exile. This is why he won on Fresh Meat 1 and couldn’t pull out the win on Fresh Meat 2.

Despite having a weak spot, we know that anyone facing Darrell has their work cut out for them. However, we should also look at Battle of the Ex-iled on Exes 2. Those challenges were really odd games, many of them being anyone’s game. These challenges required people to produce a lot of sweat or use bamboo chutes as chopsticks. Regardless of strength, these are the types of games that will let unworthy competitors advance.

Can Darrell win his way back into the game? Yes, but I think he will be competing in competitions that don’t cater to his abilities and require him to think outside of the box. If he has been practicing his “Sudodo” puzzles I think he’ll be almost unstoppable. However, these puzzles may be his demise.

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