Challenge XXX: Dirty Thirty Real World Go Big Or Go Home

How Ammo Went from Real World Villain to Challenge Underdog

This may not be a surprise to you, but I have been immersed in Challenge spoilers from quite some time now. Before the airing of Season 30 of The Challenge, the general opinion of Ammo, who was formerly referred to as Chris on The Real World Go Big or Go Home, was “why would he be cast on The Challenge?” Most people, myself included, assumed he was just first elimination bait. Someone who would lose, go into the first elimination, be sent home, and no one would really care.

Then, the theme of the season emerged. For a season called “Dirty Thirty,” there’s no denying Ammo was a fit. If you watched Go Big or Go Home, you know the unconventional approach Ammo took when dealing with his roommate Jenna’s racist and homophobic remarks. Namely, he told his friend to leak spoilers about his season which painted a picture of Jenna as racist and homophobic before the viewer had the chance to see any other content about her. This sparked fights in the house and divided the house.

As Ammo discovered his own identity and distanced himself from the Mormon Church, he certainly demonstrated some brave behavior. Despite these moment and the fact that he fit the theme perfectly, this didn’t translate into being a physical threat in competitions.

Then, episode one airs. Ammo’s introduction read like a Tumblr bio and he seemed like he wouldn’t survive The Purge. For such a dirty game, it seems like Ammo’s strategy was to kill ’em with kindness. In the first stage of The Purge, Jordan falls and Ammo asks if he’s OK. Definitely a kind gesture, but there’s a reason no veterans gave a fuck… because kindness isn’t going to win. In the second stage of The Purge, Ammo manages to survive. This may be attributed to his team, but there’s no evidence to support the idea that Ammo wasn’t a useful member of his team. Perhaps average, but he certainly contributed. This victory ensured Ammo wouldn’t be the first out.

However, in the third challenge we see Ammo not get picked for a team and then the winners send him straight to The Presidio. Even though Nelson sent in Tony, I got the impression that Ammo wanted to take on a bigger threat. Nonetheless, Tony is considered a decent competitor and removing Tony from the game will hurt Bananas’s alliance. In The Great Escape elimination, Ammo remained calm under pressure. Despite Tony’s immediate lead, he fell off the wall due to his overzealous approach to climbing the wall. This allowed Ammo to win and send home one of the more popular Challenge competitors.

Everyone loves an underdog, and Ammo certainly has stepped into that role this season. He’s remained supportive of his castmates and doesn’t seem to take the game too personally. While I don’t think we’ll see play a dirty game, I’m pleasantly surprised by him. Ammo has been a great representation for people who may feel “different” and it’s clear that his confidence in himself has allowed him to survive this far in the game.

How do you feel about Ammo has a competitor?

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