Challenge XXX: Dirty Thirty

Which Competitors Could Be Saved By Redemption?

The time has finally come! The first batch of competitors are making a surprise appearance and we’re ready to see which people are going to remain in the game. The first males and females to compete in Redemption will have a long road ahead of them if they want to win the money, but hope is not lost yet. Of the eight competitors, these are the ones I think have the best chance at making a comeback.

1. Darrell – I’m shocked to see Darrell in this position, given the fact that he is such an established competitor. I would have banked on him surviving in the first heat of The Purge. But alas, here he is. While the rest of the redemption house was parting, Darrell was preparing to make a come back. We know he’s in good shape and he should have the focus needed to win.

1. Jenna – People have mixed views on Jenna’s ability, but she has proven herself in many competitions. Given the girls she’s competing against, I think she has the best shot of winning. Unless there’s a puzzle, then she’s probably screwed.

2. Tony – One misstep cost Tony his game in the Presidio. While he can be a hit-or-miss player, Tony does stand a chance of making a come back. Given his track record, there is a shot he could make a dumb mistake that costs him his game, but if he stays focused and brings his A-game I wouldn’t be surprised if Tony turns his luck around.

2. Amanda – After Invasion, it was surprising to see Amanda go down so early. We know that she’s fairly competitive, and while I’d bank on Jenna to beat her, I don’t think Jenna is that much stronger than Amanda. Plus Amanda can be crafty and find alternate ways to win competitions. Also, if there are puzzles involved, I think Amanda has the best shot of winning.

3. Derrick – I want to believe Derrick is a good competitor. Off the shows he has a solid resume. However, I haven’t seen much from him on The Challenge or AYTO: Second Chances that proves that he’s a good competitor. Perhaps this will be his chance to show is athletic background and make a return to the game.

3. LaToya – Back on Free Agents I saw Toya take out Jemmye and I thought she had potential. Since that moment I’ve realized two things: that has been LaToya’s best performance and Jemmye isn’t that good of a competitor. Still, I think Toya has some potential we have yet to see. Nothing in her past makes her the clear winner in redemption, but nothing in her past marks her as a definite loser.

4. Devin – Every time we saw Devin in the redemption house he was drinking. Not to say that you can’t work hard and play hard, but I wouldn’t bank on Devin in a competition. If he does return I wouldn’t be surprised if he weaseled his way out of eliminations, but I don’t think he’ll win a competition and return to the game.

4. Briana – I was rooting for Bri in The Presidio, but the fact of the matter is she gassed out when competing against Britni. Not to say she has no shot at winning, but I have yet to see an encouraging performance from her. If she does win I’d be surprised, but crazier things have happened.

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