Challenge XXX: Dirty Thirty

Everything Wrong With the Redemption Challenge

Redemption is a cool concept, and while this is the second time we’ve seen it in the game (Exes 2 being the first), it seems that this particular competitor left much to be desired.

I get it, The Challenge is not a sport. However, it seems like production went out of their way to ensure that luck played a huge role in the first redemption challenge of the season. The end result was the return of Tony and Jenna, and fans are slightly bitter.

So here are my biggest issues:

Firstly, why did the platform have to swing? I would have liked to see a simple challenge where the goal was to push your opponent out of bounds and over the edge. A scenario where strength and strategy would determine the winner. Instead, we have a setting for people to just roll off the edge and hope to hit the water second.

This leads to my second point: touching the water first= loss. Why can’t the winner be the person who is touching the platform last? That would at least allow the competitors the opportunity to strategize pushing their opponent over the edge. Once both competitors are off the platform, it’s up to gravity and momentum to decide who hits the water first, effectively making the game a coin toss. It’s really easy to grab onto your opponent and take him with you when you’re required to wear a life vest.

Based on all of this, the ¬†redemption challenge wasn’t as exciting as I hoped. However, it still took up an entire episode. In a season already moving slowly, it was not necessary to make the redemption challenge consume so much air time.

However, I do like the concept or redemption. I think it adds some excitement to the game that we haven’t really seen in prior seasons. I also think Jenna deserved to win, as she clearly outmuscled Amanda and Briana. However, we all know Darrell was more deserving of the win that Tony.

How did you feel about this redemption challenge?

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