Challenge XXX: Dirty Thirty

The Redemption House: Is it a Good Twist?

Redemption. It’s an interesting twist that gives players a second chance to come back. While the competitors seem to like having the chance to redeem themselves, viewers have a common complaint: the redemption house is really boring. Every week we get footage of the house, and as the season crawls along it seems that Redemption does not seem that necessary.

When I first heard about the redemption twist, I was excited. I like the fact that competitors can come back and seek revenge on their foes. However, I was more excited because I thought it would add more content into the season. Rivals 3 and Invasion had a lot of drawn-out cliffhangers and seasons seem to be having more episodes with the same number of challenges. Adding in a redemption challenge seemed like it would allow the season to get longer, have the same number of regular challenges and elimination, but not exhaust drama and cliffhangers. I hoped we wouldn’t have a slow-paced season with redemption in the mix, but boy was I wrong!

Instead, we see weekly redemption footage. Rather than filling the redemption house organically we have purges to eliminate competitors. Redemption is doing the exact opposite of what I hoped: the unnecessary footage is expanding the time between challenges and eliminations and it’s creating a slow-paced season. I already aired my grievances with the first redemption challenge, but I liked the second one more.

Knowing redemption isn’t gone, and we have another Purge coming, it makes me feel that this season is reducing the number of actual challenges in favor of attention-grabbing twists. However, it’s overdone at this point and I worry that fans are going to get tired of waiting so long between eliminations.

While I don’t mind redemption being on the air, in fact I prefer it to the online Battle of the Ex-iled on Exes 2, we don’t need all the footage of inside the house. Maybe the Shane/Simone fight, but that’s about it. Beyond that, I’d like more emphasis on the regular challenges and elimination. I dream of being able to see a full challenge and elimination in an episode again, but it seems less and less likely each week.

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