Real World

Is The Real World Over?

The Real World and MTV seem to go hand-in-hand, but these days the series has taken a back seat to many of the other shows on MTV. In fact, the past few seasons of The Real World have performed so poorly that fans of the show questions whether or not it will get renewed.

To be honest, the fate of the show has been looking fairly grim. MTV has made no mention of another season and with Are You the One? feeding into The Challenge, the necessity of The Real World has been diminished. In May, MTV seemed to have a renewed interest in the show for its 25th birthday. I viewed this as a good sign, but nothing significant formed out of this interest beyond a few blog posts.

Well, according to a recent Instagram Live, MTV Bananas himself has confirmed that The Real World is done. While Bananas may not be an official source, he’s just about as close to official as they come. After all, he is an alumni and a staple on The Challenge.  Clearly he’s very involved with MTV and would be aware of changes to the formatting of the show.

Does this mean the show is done, just because Bananas said do? Not officially, but at the least I’d say the show is on hiatus. If it does return, we’ll likely see some type of change to the format.

Sad news, but I don’t know how many people will truly care other than the few weekly viewers of Bad Blood.


  1. I’m 50-50 on that. One hand he’s one of the most famous alums of the show. Then again, he’s not really an exec of MTV or BMP (officially) so. Also I saw in the preview, MTV is bringing back TRL and Unplugged. Why not give Real World another season at least? Plus could BMP move it to another station?

  2. How fitting that the last season had the word bad in it because that’s what the show was, bad.
    Now the challenge needs to end because the legacy of the show has gone down the shitter.

  3. I know the challenge could go on without RW, but I still hope this isn’t it, it would suck for such an iconic reality show like this to go down with such a whimper, as despite all it’s gimmicks the last few seasons, it has given us our newer Challengers who’ve now become staples of the show (Cory, Tony, Kailah, etc.) and even if you don’t like these people, they’ve still supplied us with the drama for these recent seasons, perhaps even more so than the older vets returning (even though it’s always fun to see those). So I like to see both older vets, as well as newer Challengers come in, so I hope this isn’t the end, for either show.

  4. I loved the real world. It was one of my “crappy tv” shows I looked forward to…. sucks that it’s done

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