The Challenge

The Reasoning Behind Challenge Casting Changes

WARNING: This post will contain casting spoilers for the upcoming 31st season of The Challenge. While I doubt anyone is avoiding casting spoilers, if you re avoiding them, this is your warning.

When the cast of The 31st season of The Challenge was announced, many fans were puzzled. In addition to Real Worlders, Road Rulers, AYTO alum, Fresh Meat, and Bloodlines we saw some new shows represented on The Challenge. Namely, we have representation from Big Brother, Geordie Shore and MTV UK’s Ex on the Beach.

Well, these casting choices likely foreshadow some changes to MTV’s line up.

Firstly, it’s fairly obvious the MTV is trying to rebrand the Jersey Shore with their new show Floribama Shore. How does that tie into The Challenge? Well, that is likely why we are seeing representation from Geordie Shore. Allegedly, Anegelina and Deena from Jersey Shore were initially contacted for this show, but production ended up using someone from Geordie Shore instead.

In regards to Ex on the Beach, it has been a very successful show for MTV UK. Apparently, MTV is trying to bring the show over seas and premier a US adaptation. By including characters from the UK version, it will likely spark interest in the US adaptation. Additionally, the US version could be a future feeder show for The Challenge.

Finally, the Big Brother cast members may tie into the upcoming Celebrity Big Brother coming to CBS. It seems possible that a Challenger could be a “celebrity” on the show. If this is the cast, I’d expect a really big name from The Challenge such as Bananas, CT, or Cara Maria. This is purely speculation, but there has to be a reason for Big Brother cast members to participate in a cable TV show.

This season will mark an interesting transition for The Challenge. The future of the Real World is uncertain at best, AYTO?6 has not been performing well in the ratings, and Road Rules is long dead. Meanwhile, The Challenge remains one of the most popular shows on MTV. If the show will survive, new cast members need to come from somewhere and it appears production is looking to the future of MTV rather than the past to find new cast members.

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