The Challenge

A Ranking of All Competitors Who Have Beat Bananas

This week we saw Derrick join an elite club, the group of people who have eliminated Bananas. Not many people can claim to have defeated Bananas in a face-off, and the ones who have are typically elite competitors. Here is my ranking of those competitors and their skills based on their Bananas victory.

9. Tyler

Johnny lost the very first elimination on his very first season to his Key West roomie Tyler. Johnny’s poor judgement cost him the game, challenging Tyler to lift the crate too early in I Can, so Tyler didn’t have to do much to win. Still, there’s no denying that I Can is one of the worst elimination games ever.

8. Evan

The second time Bananas lost was to his good friend Evan on The Gauntlet 3. While Johnny did lose fear and square, it was on a puzzle. Puzzles have always been a weak spot for Bananas, and this is proof.

7. Jamie

Again, Bananas lost in an elimination that was costly puzzle. On Bloodlines, it was to Cara Maria and her cousin. While both of the competitors played a role in the elimination, I’m ranking Jamie slightly lower than his cousin.

6. Cara Maria

I’m ranking Cara Maria higher than her cousin due to her fiery passion to win and beat Bananas. In all actuality, Jamie probably did more work on the puzzle and contributed more toward the victory, but I know that beating Bananas is a highlight in Cara Maria’s life. She’s also the only female to appear on this list (though he has lost to Nia and Theresa, neither of them directly battled him. Due to Bananas being paired with Vince this season, there was no female counterpart for Cara Maria to battle and the elimination was entirely a joint effort).

5. Wes

Wes is ranked as high as he is based on the fact that he willingly chose to fight Bananas, knowing that Bananas is a six-time winner. He ultimately beat Bananas in the Snapper elimination, which is one of the lamest eliminations we’ve ever seen. Still, it took balls to call out Bananas before he even knew what the elimination was.

4. Derrick

The most recent Bananas victory is one of the better ones. While it was not a physical competition, Derrick had more stamina and endurance, allowing him to outlast Bananas in The Reel World elimination. Bananas should have been good at this type of game, but Derrick was clearly better.

3. Darrell

Darrell is the second most decorated challenger, and he proved why he’s a force to be reckoned with on Invasion. Balls In requires speed, physical strength, and strategy, and this was the perfect game for Darrell. Bananas put up a fight, but Darrell took the victory.

2. Leroy

To be clear, this refers to X-Battle and not Strung Out because the latter game was really Nany against Nia and Bananas never got to compete. X-Battle is pure physical strength, and this is what Bananas trains for. However, Leroy may be one of the biggest physical strengths on the show and when he had to defeat his friend, Leroy out muscled Bananas.

1. CT

OK, this was technically Tyler vs. Bananas, but c’mon. Nothing will top this.


  1. Wow you rely think Leroy is better than Derrick????? What!!!! That’s absolutely nuts!! I’ll give you Darrel and CT but dayum you crazy

    1. I think Leroy’s ability to beat Johnny one-on-one in a physical match is more significant than Derrick’s victory because Derrick was completely separate from Bananas. It was mostly a race.

      I don’t want to diminish Derrick’s victory, he earned it. But I would say beating someone in an X-Battle style elimination is more impressive than in a Reel World style elimination.

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