Battle of the Bloodlines

Is Cara Maria a Good Partner In the Final?

A couple of weeks ago, we saw Jordan get into a fight with Cara Maria, stating that he didn’t want to run a final with her. Instead, he opted for a newbie like Tori.

Cara Maria, who spends most of her life focused on fitness and lives a life that will keep her ready for The Challenge. took offense. After winning redemption she competed with CT in the X Marks the Spot challenge and finished first for the females. Jordan finished second for the males. Both of these performances were strong enough to secure Cara Maria and Jordan spots the final. Whether or not he likes it, there’s a very real chance Jordan could be running a final with Cara Maria.

Cara Maria has run four finals and won only one. Her most recent final, Battle of the Bloodlines, was her first win. While three losses in the final may not look great, it’s clear Cara Maria has been working to improve her skills. Add in the fact that she made the final on Champs vs. Pros with Darrell and won, and it looks like she really had been improving.

In terms of strength, Cara Maria is a really good teammate. Physically, she may be the strongest competitor in this game. She is definitely prepared for the long-haul and has enough stamina and endurance to run for miles. This should make her an obvious teammate for the final, but I don’t think Jordan was insulting her physical strength. While Cara Maria may be the strongest female, the other girls may be strong enough to perform well in the final.

Cara Maria’s shortcomings are in different areas. Specifically, she isn’t the best at puzzles or eating. However, it appears she has improved her performance on puzzles in recent seasons. She just earned her spot in the final by completing a puzzle and she solved the puzzle on Champs vs. Pros. While logic puzzles or riddles may still be challenging, this success is a clear indication of her ability to maintain her composure when faced with a challenge. However, we haven’t seen much in terms of eating challenges. She did do well on the eating portion of Champs vs. Pros, but not much beyond that.

Likely, Jordan’s biggest concern was based on Cara Maria’s personality. She’s strong, but when she struggles it impacts the team poorly. Just look at the beer drinking portion of the Bloodlines final where she complained throughout the entire competition. Jordan is a big personality, as is Cara Maria, and the two would likely clash during the final. Perhaps Jordan wants a partner like Tori or Kailah because they are more likely to follow his orders. In the most recent challenge Jordan worked will with Tori, but that’s most likely because Jordan was the captain of the team. If Cara Maria and Jordan were paired, both would want to be captains.

Honestly, I’d want Cara Maria as a partner in the final. I think Tori and Kailah are strong, but I’d rather have Cara Maria. I an see what Jordan is saying, but I’d think Cara Maria’s strength and experience outweigh any personality concerns.

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  1. She’s better then most especially. I would prefer her over someone like Camilla who would be screaming at you even 5 minutes

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