Challenge XXX: Dirty Thirty

Which Cast Members Can Make it To the Final?

Six cast members remain, two spots in the final. Who has the best shot of joining CT, Jordan, Cara Maria and Tori?

For the women, Camila appears to be he front runner. She has performed well in most of the daily challenges and been winning the recent eliminations. While Kailah and Jenna have been a duo, Camila has been a lone wolf recently which has resulted in her game being in jeopardy, only for her to save herself in a competition. I would say Kailah is second most likely. This season she has shown her ability to play the game and she has performed well. She has won eliminations and typically she is a better than average competitor in the daily challenges. However, most of her recent success can be contributed to her alliance with Jenna and Tori and this alliance will not save her in an individual competition. Least likely, we have Jenna. While she tends to be strong physical competitor, she doesn’t do well with other types of competitions. However, her biggest asset here will be her composure. While other competitors cave under pressure, Jenna typically handles pressure well.

For the men, I’m going to start with the least likely: Tony. He has had a string of good luck which lead to his return and survival in this game. He has struggled with a lot of missions and tends to choke under pressure. With this said, he did have enough luck to “beat” Darrell and return from redemption, so I wouldn’t fully rule him out. It’s a close call between Hunter and Derrick. Both of them have performed really well, and Hunter has been the underdog who fought his way to this point. However, I’d give Derrick the edge simply because Hunter’s hand will hold him back. After all, Hunter’s physical strength is his biggest asset and his hand issues will diminish this. Meanwhile Derrick has defeated Bananas this season, but other than that he mostly flew under the radar and hasn’t had to fight as much as Hunter. Derrick also has a history of losing right before the final (Gauntlet 2, Fresh Meat, Cutthroat), so this might just continue his unlucky streak.

Who do you want to see make it to the final?


  1. This would be a terrific final if it was hunter, derrick, and tony. Same with kailah, Jenna, tori. derrick would be a refreshing winner, Tony/hunter would be new winners, Jordan winning would make him to smug, and Ct winning would be boring b/c it’s another final without him seeing an elimination. Tori being a rookie winner and first ayto winner would be hilarious especially for the other 4 girls left. Jenna winning would be indifferent to me, kailah winning would prove she is a great competitor, Camilla and cara winning is boring and would build up their egos.

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