Challenge XXX: Dirty Thirty

If Camila Wins What Does that Mean for the Future of The Challenge?

Tomorrow, at the reunion, we will see who won The Challenge: Dirty Thirty.

As we all know, the final was completed in stages and each competitor’s scores will be added up to make a cumulative time. Fastest time wins the final and a $450,000 prize.

Now, I’m just going to say it. Jordan won for the men. This is not an official spoiler from someone who attended the reunion, but it’s obvious. He had the fastest time on almost every stage of the final. The only possibility of his not winning would be due to his 5 minute penalty, but I don’t think that is enough to give CT or Derrick the win.

The bigger question is which female won. This is not so obvious. I’m not betting on Cara Maria, as she didn’t see to dominate at any point in the final. In my mind, it comes down to Camila or Tori. Camila does have a five minute penalty, and while Tori had some slower times she also had Jordan as a partner for a lot of the final.

If Tori wins, it will be a wonderful story of rookie success. If Camila wins, this will be a s story where the bad guy finishes first. After this season, Camila lost a lot of fans and has raised a lot of eye brows. So much so that she didn’t even attend the reunion.If Camila manages to win, I think she will forever be a part of The Challenge family. She may take a hiatus after this season, but she will never be completely gone. With seasons like Champs vs. Pros and Invasion, having the Champion title is more important than ever. There are so few female champions that it will be impossible to ignore Camila.

If Camila loses, I think this may be the end of her. I think she will be suspended from the show indefinitely. If she wins, I think she will be back in a couple of seasons. Not on season 31, but I think that she’d be considered for a return after that. However, if she does come back I think she will reap what she has sewn. Certain competitors will no longer defend her, and victory will be a bigger struggle than ever.

With all of this said, I think her chance of winning is high. Strictly looking at her performance in challenges and eliminations, she had done very well. She did well in the final, and if she is defeated by Tori a lot of Tori’s credit will be given to Jordan.

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