Champs vs. Stars

Champs Vs. Stars: MVPs from Episode 2

In this episode, we saw fights, a full challenge, a family issue, a broke ankle, but no elimination.

Challenge: Parkour the Course– Competitors must rerun through an obstacle course and retrieve flags with point values dependent upon difficulty to retrieve. Meanwhile, a player from the opposing team is trying to tag their opponent. Once a player is tagged, they cannot collect any more flags. Team with the most points wins… and the Champs won.

Champs MVP: Bananas 

While on offense, Bananas scored a lot of point. That’s not too impressive because Riff Raff was on defence. However, when Bananas was on defense he tagged T.O. out very quickly. T.O. is likely the most athletic male on the opposing team, so getting him out quickly was instrumental to the Champs’s victory and earns Bananas major bragging rights.

Stars MVP: Shawn 

As a gymnast, Shawn’s talents may not translate into many challenges. However, she was able to show her skills on this challenge when retrieving flags. She tied for most points for the Stars females and it took a player breaking her ankle to tag her out.

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