Champs vs. Stars

Camila: Why She Went Home on Champs Vs. Stars

Episode 1 of Champs vs. Stars has aired, and to my surprise, we saw Camila get kicked off the show. Even though her departure was after the first challenge, I really thought production was going to ignore her and act like she was never on this season. When they release the promo pics for this season, she wasn’t featured at all.

However, we did see her get kicked off. We saw some of the story but we didn’t see the whole thing. Here’s the whole story of her departure, at least what we know about it.

In case you’re still bitter, this is why Camila wasn’t kicked off last season. I’m kind of surprised she was asked back directly after Dirty Thirty, but Champs vs. Stars filmed before the reunion. This may have played a role as to why Camila wasn’t at the Dirty Thirty reunion. Also, production allegedly reedited her rant on episode 9 after filming the reunion to focus more on the racial nature of her language rather than just being a typical “Camilinator” meltdown.

It’s clear from Dirty Thirty and this episode of Champs vs. Stars that Camila has some type of issue, whether it be with anger, alcohol, or both. This is not the best environment for her to deal with these issues, especially because production wants to see the Camilinator. Her outburst this episode begins by the pool where some of the cast is drinking and celebrating Ashley’s birthday. While drinking and swimming are common activities during downtime on The Challenge, Camila took the drinking a little too far. We see her dancing around the pool and grinding on a bag.

This isn’t great behavior, but nothing she’d get in real trouble for. After the pool the cameras aren’t entirely focused on Camila. After all, this is the day where the cast was filming their promo pics so production was likely consumed with other activities. Some of the cast were with Camila, but they weren’t trying to babysit her. Being stuck in a hotel all day, Camila wanted to escape but production didn’t want to let her. So, she punches a production cast member and steal a golf cart to get away. They have to physically stop the cart from moving so Camila don’t do any more damage.

Camila goes back into her hotel, and production is really mad at this point. She locks the door and refuses to let production in. Allegedly, she also threatened to kill herself if anyone tried to do anything which really concerns production. This is when you see someone break the lock on the door and force their way into the room.

Of course, this behavior is not going to fly. Especially on a spin off season where the cast as more freedoms. On the episode we see production kicking Camila off and citing her punching a production member as the rational. Physical violence has always been a rule violation but I’m sure Camila’s mental wellbeing was a big concern as well.

Now she’s gone and production will want to give her some time off before she is considered for a return. In the mean time, we’ll see if we get a replacement…


  1. Just stumbled onto this, thanks for all the info…I’ve been a Real World/Road Rules/Challenge fan since the start.
    Yes, I’m that old haha. I was turned onto Big Brother a few seasons ago, so I know the cast members. This is going to be great!! ✌🏼

    1. I, sadly, missed the beginning of the 1st episode and was wondering what Camilla did this time. I was glad to find this site. I too have been watching these Challenges, Road Rules, and Real World from the 1st Real World. I admit, the last several Real Worlds I have skipped because it’s not as interesting to me as it was 25 years ago…but that’s probably my age. haha

  2. I actually enjoy watching Camilla compete and I enjoy watching her flip her shit lol
    I don’t think she’s prejudice at all and I really do think she regrets what she said and did to Leroy. Sucks she’s gotta live with it now! Probably making her go even more crazy. Well I was bummed she wasn’t at the reunion and even sadder she got kicked off the champs/stars show! Come on camila! I miss you girl!

    1. Sucks that she has to live with what she said to Leroy? What about Leroy living with what she said to him? She’s insane, hope she never comes back.

  3. I do think Camilla is a great competitor, however the way she acts and the things she says is NOT ok. It’s about time she got called out on her crap. I commend Leroy for handling the situation as calmly as he did. Camilla needs help.

    1. Leroy deserves a medal. Camilla is a good competitor but her personality sucks. Sick of seeing her on these challenges.

  4. MTV needs to be done with her. I can’t stand her ranting and raving. She makes an a** of herself, she needs to stay home and work on herself. She’s ridiculous. I was disappointed she won Dirty 30. Waste of (a lot!) of perfectly good money on an idiot.

  5. I definitely agree with the comments, it’s been going on for too long, there are other good competitors that they can replace her with. Being drunk is one thing but keep your inappropriate comments to yourself. If she need help get some but she shouldn’t be allowed back til then no more excuses for poor behavior!!

  6. Camila should not be allowed to return to any future challenges. She needs to be evaluated for being a psycho. She’s a prejudice drunk and a slut. Keep her off MTV she makes you guys look bad.

  7. I agree that Camilla is a great competitor, but her outrageous behavior has gone on for years. I do believe that’s she’s truly sorry for her actions once she sobers up, but saying sorry no longer works when the behaviors continue year after year. She probably needs some professional help in dealing with her personal demons….& there’s no shame in that! (BTW…IMHO…Tony may be becoming the male version of Camilla…alcohol is definitely NOT a friend to either of them)

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