Challenge: Vendettas

The Challenge Vendettas: Screenshots from the Trailer

WARNING! This post contains spoilers through the pictures. I’m not going to explicitly spoil the show, but you can figure a good amount out just by looking at the screenshots.

To begin, we had 30 seconds to recap Dirty Thirty. No one asked for this, but it’s what we got.

Welcome to The Challenge: Vendettas. Here’s a soccer-style challenge in an arena.

And a soccer-style elimination.A baffled Bananas

TJ: This season’s about getting equalCory


Gauntlet 3 teammates: Bananas and BradThe Kam & Melissa fight, somehow Jemmye is in the middle.

Cara Maria and Nicole

Brad and Britni

Cara Maria and Kyle

Kam fighting with Nelson, once again Jemmye is in the middle.

Shane yelling at Cory

Marie and Brad

A producer stepping in to contain Nelson, who seems to be mad at Shane. Again, Jemmye is in the middle. How is she always in the middle?

Three males in the soccer-style challenge

Nelson in an elimination

Marie in a bubble pit. Natalie behind her.More girls in the bubble pit. Jemmye up front.

Marie crying because some one is out to get her.

Alicia crying

Kyle jumping between carsBrad falling

Joss in an elimination against a Heavy Hitter

Tony claiming no one can beat him

A challenge on a giant hashtag. Cam, Britni, Nicole, and Natalie are pictured.

Devin and Brinti streaking

Random Bananas confessional

Chained together: Tony, Natalie, Shane, Nicole, Bananas

Kam, Veronica, Leroy, Zach (Kyle and Kayleigh in background)


Joss on the groundKyle collapsed Nicole yelling for someone, likely Shane, to shut the fuck upMarie to Nicole: You trust that bitch?
Melissa huffing and puffing

Nelson jumping into the pool with a girl

Leroy swimming in the dark. Hope Ammo’s lessons paid off.

Cara Maria jumping into water


Cast arrival

Marie and Leroy dancing

Nelson on a biplaneKailahTJ claims he loves this game. Which can only mean one thing: TRIVIA!

Note: Please let me know if you noticed any errors. Many of these scenes are a fraction of a second, so I may not have identified the people in the shots correctly.


  1. And there isn’t a name on the guy’s helmet. Weird. They have similar facial hair but the eyes look like Derrick to me

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