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Ten Challenge Champions Who Should Be On the Champs Team

Champs vs. Pros and Champs vs. Stars have given use the opportunity to see some of our favorites compete against unique teams of people. It has also encouraged some unexpected returns on the cast. Look at Veronica, who started her return on Champs vs. Pros then competed on two more shows.

On this list, we will only look at real champs. Not finalists like Aneesa or Cory. Using finalists will dramatically expand the list of potentials, but it would also make casting the show way too easy.

Frank Sweeney (Winner: Battle of the Seasons)

On Battle of the Seasons, Frank proved his bark is as big as his bite. He has never lost an elimination and is regarded as one of the stronger competitors from the new generation. These spin-offs would be a great way for him to return to the show.

Paula Beckert (Meronek)( Winner: Rivals, Rivals 2)

The first multi-winner from The Real World, Paula has left The Challenge life to start a family. Now, the kids are a little older, and the shorter spin off seasons would be a good opportunity for her to give fans another dose of Paula.

Mark Long (Winner: The Real Word/ Road Rules Challenge, Battle of the Sexes)

Mark is itching to make a return, but for whatever reason he hasn’t been asked back. May he doesn’t fit the theme or maybe he’s too old. Regardless, he’s definitely a champ and these casts tend to skew on the older side, so this may be where he best fits in.

Laurel Stucky (Winner: Free Agents)

Laurel is the only champ from Invasion who hasn’t appeared on a spin off. While she’s made it clear that her life doesn’t revolve around these shows, she’d likely be a huge asset to the Champs team.

Derrick Kosinski (Winner: The Inferno 3, The Island, The Ruins)

While Derrick had a pretty remarkable return on Dirty Thirty, he doesn’t always fit into the themes these days. Here is a format where he could excel.

Sarah Rice (Winner: Battle of the Exes 2, Rivals 3)

Sarah left Rivals 3 with a really salty taste in her mouth. These spin off shows tend to be less twisted, and they’re filmed in California. This would be a good way for her to ease back into Challenge life after her hiatus.

Abram Boise (Winner: The Inferno, The Inferno 3)

Abe may be slightly crazy, but he also really likes these shows for the sake of the competitions. He’s also unlikely to be swayed by the majority, so he could be an interesting x factor.

Susie Meister (Winner: The Gauntlet 2, The Ruins)

Susie has a lot  of reasons to call herself a champs. She won twice, has never been sent home, guided Camila to victory on The Spring Break Challenge and has a career on MTV that is over a decade long. Still, this champ hasn’t appeared in a while and this would be a good shot to get her back.

Landon Lueck (Winner: The Inferno 2, The Gauntlet 2, Fresh Meat 2)

If MTV is trying to bring old schoolers back with these shows, they should target Landon. He’s the type that will always be willing to compete, even if committing to a Challenge doesn’t fit into his life. Fans would love to see him back because many fans believe he is one of, or the, best male competitors.

Coral Smith (Winner: Battle of the Seasons)

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Coral, but MTV still wants to get her back. Much like Veronica, this is the best way to get her back on the show due to the length of the commitment and the fact that her old school BFF The Miz hosts. Fans would be thrilled to see this champ again.

Honorable mention: Rachel Robinson. I’d put her on this list, but it seems very unlikely due to the recent birth of her twins.


  1. I hope if they do another champs vs they will not use Ct, johnny, and even Wes even though he is the only entertaining champ.

  2. Yes!!! This champs vs format should be used to give us a taste of old favorites, who otherwise wouldn’t be able to compete due to format or personal life, instead of using the same people over and over again! I would love to see any one of these people back, instead of using “finalists” that we see all the damn time. Loving Emily this season!

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