Champs vs. Stars

Champs Vs. Stars: MVPs from Episode 4

Two eliminations and one challenge! A lot of action tonight.

Elimination 1: Ground Control: Competitors are suspended upside down and must pull their way down a ladder to hit a buzzer. As one player pulls his way down, the other is yanked up. Romeo lost to Wes.

Challenge: Push BallSimilar to soccer, but the ball is a six-foot ball. Getting it in the net is worth one point and over the net is worth three. The Champs massacred the Stars who scored zero points.

Elimination 2: Lasso Me: Players are in a circle and given large rings. The goal is to catch your opponent inside the ring three times. Tori played Shawn and Tori hooked Shawn three times before Shawn could even get one point.

Stars MVP: Justina 

Despite being on a losing team, Justina is putting her all into this game. She was almost trampled during the Push Ball challenge, but her shining moment was concocting a plan to break up the three person alliance with Josh, Shawn and Kim. It worked, because Shawn was sent to elimination.

Stars MVP: Wes

Wes has been killing it on these spin off seasons! He won the first elimination for the Champs this season, sending home Romeo. He also scored multiple goals in the Push Ball challenge and was a big asset to his team.

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