Wes vs. Johnny: Who has the Upper Hand?

Nothing lasts forever, but in the MTV universe there are few things that have lasted as long as the Wes vs. Johnny rivalry. The two have been competing on The Challenge together for eleven years, and over the course of these seasons they’ve had many battles.

Let’s look at all of their appearances together to see who has done better job than the other.

The Duel– There’s not much of a rivalry here, but I’m going to give this to Wes only because Wes won this season and Johnny left first. If Johnny stayed, I bet Wes would have welcomed the opportunity to work with him only because Wes was rallying the rookies and I don’t see Johnny having the ability to lead rookies like Wes did. (+1 Wes)

The Ruins– We all know Johnny won this season and that’s heavily due to the fact that the whole Champions team had Bananas’s back and no one had Wes’s. On this season, Wes’s presence alone was enough to instill some genuine fear in Bananas and his alliance and getting rid of Wes was a struggle. Still, Bananas made it to the end this season, so I’ll give him the point. (+1 Bananas)

Rivals– Unlike The Ruins, the pairings this season meant Bananas had to swallow his pride and work with Wes. As we know, Bananas won this season… again… but Wes seemed to have the upper hand for the bulk of this season. Wes showed his dominance by avoiding the final elimination and sending Bananas and Tyler in and he carried Kenny to the final. And while Wes did have an embarrassing showing during the first day of the final, he still outperformed Bananas significantly that day. I’m going to give this one to Wes. (+1 Wes)

Battle of the Exes– For some reason, Bananas never wants to send Wes into early eliminations out of fear of creating a target on his back. This season was the exception. Bananas sent Wes in early and Wes got sent home early. Meanwhile, Bananas won this season. Obviously this is a shining moment for Bananas. (+1 Bananas) 

Rivals 2– With the exception of one fight were Wes bragged about his monster trucks, there wasn’t much interaction between the two. Teams like Paula & Emily and Diem & Aneesa seems to have both teams’ backs, and both made it to the end without seeing an elimination. In many ways, I’m disappointed in Wes for doing so little, but he played the game better than Bananas, like during the Rampage challenge, and won. So this one goes to Wes. (+1 Wes)

Battle of the Exes 2– Anyone who reads this blogs knows I have a massive amount of respect for Wes this season. Specifically, for having the power to manipulate alliances and for eliminating some threats from the game. Earlier into the season he got Bananas & Nany eliminated, and while they did return due to the Ex-iled twist, there’s no doubt that this early elimination was a blemish on the face of Bananas’s career. Bananas later sent Wes into an elimination where he lost, but this only allowed Bananas to stick around and have Sarah stab him in the back. I’m giving this one to Wes. (+1 Wes)

Rivals 3– On this season, Wes received the same kiss of death that Bananas received on Exes 2… Nany. Despite this, Wes tried to take stabs at Bananas & Sarah to no avail. Bananas dominated this season, won, and took Sarah’s money. This is a shining moment for Bananas and even Wes defended him at the reunion. This one’s gotta go to Bananas. (+1 Bananas) 

Champs vs. Pros– Wes did something I thought we’d never see again. He got Bananas eliminated as the first male. And to add insult to injury, Wes went into elimination and did the deed himself. While Bananas left early, Wes made it to the end and was the only Champ to eliminate a Pro. Obviously, this goes to Wes. (+1 Wes)

Champs vs. Stars– This season isn’t over yet. so Bananas has his time to seek revenge. However, Wes is once again asserting himself as the dominant player. This week to convinced his team to elect him MVP and got Bananas thrown into elimination. While Bananas won elimination and is back in the game, I’m handing this one to Wes. (+1 Wes)

Overall, I think Wes has shown dominance in this rivalry. Whenever these two compete together, there’s a real reason to fear the other. At this point in the game, I would say Bananas is a bigger physical threat (this wasn’t always the case). However, Wes can still strategize and navigate himself to the end and I still believe he has the ability to win. Maybe next time the two are in the same house we’ll see a power shift.


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