Champs vs. Stars

Champs Vs. Stars: Episode 6 MVPs

We’re nearing the end. But that just means a real season of The Challenge will begin.

The Challenge: Flag Pole: Competitors must run down a dock, jump onto a pole, and swim to a bell. Along the way they are collecting flags that will deduct time off of their final scores. While Justina and Josh managed to have the fastest times for the males and the females, the Champs had the faster cumulative times, so they won.

Elimination: Cage Match: Inside a caged box competitors (Aneesa vs. Michelle) must obtain a rope from their opponent. They must then climb the wall and jump out of the cage with the rope. Michelle won, though the challenge looked like it catered toward an MMA fighter.

Champs MVP: Josh

Because the Stars were down a player, Josh got to compete twice. Both times he posted a great time and on his second run he posted the fastest overall time. Clearly he’s in this game to win, it’s just too bad his team isn’t on his level.

Stars MVP: Aneesa

Despite getting eliminated this episode, Aneesa demonstrated why she’s a staple of the show. She was able to pose a strong fight in an elimination that clearly catered to Michelle’s skills as an MMA fighter.  In the daily challenge she posted a good score and almost matched Emily. It’s clear Aneesa still has fight in her, and in an episode where most of the Champs had similar performances, Aneesa’s passion shined through.

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