Champs vs. Stars

Champs Vs. Stars: MVPs from Episode 7

The Purge is here! With 13 people here, only 6 will survive.

The Challenge: Sink or Swim. This is an underwater obstacle course, fastest male and female time from each team will advance, The five obstacles include untying a knot, navigating though tights spaces, and a 14 foot dive.

For the Champs, Bananas and Emily have the fastest times. For the Stars, Josh and Michelle have the fastest times. Now they can pick any one teammate to continue with them into the final.

Stars MVP: MichelleWith Josh, the victory was unsurprising. For Michelle, there was stiff competition. In fact, we knew Justina was a good swimmer based on last week’s challenge. For Michelle, this was her shining moment after being a supporting character all season and this was a moment where she made her family proud.

Champs MVP: Bananas

For Bananas, beating Wes in a swimming challenge his a high moment. Wes thrives in the water, but Bananas took a different approach. Knowing swimming isn’t his strongest point, he saved his energy to breeze through the obstacles. Wes got stuck on the knot, and Bananas got the fastest time. Now he has the power to eliminate Wes after Wes tried to send him home this season and successfully sent him home on Champs vs. Pros.


  1. Even though he didn’t win, I would select CT as MVP. Dude gave an incredible performance when I’m sure a lot of folks counted him out.

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