Challenge: Vendettas

Kylie Christie had Beard Implants

In the word of cosmetic surgeries, beard implants have become a new trend. As it turns out, Challenge rookie and Geordie Shore alumni Kyle Christie underwent the procedure last year.

Kyle was able to craft his beard line and graft hair from the back of his neck to create the beard he wanted.

Was the procedure successful? I’d say so. In the first episode of Vendettas, he caught both Cara Maria and Marie’s eyes. He was compared to David Beckham, so clearly he is winning in the looks department.

For us US fans, we may be unfamiliar with Geordie Shore. Apparently it’s similar to Jersey Shore but they have many seasons and the cast is less permanent. However, it’s evident the Geordie Shore cast has the same obsession with looks the Jersey Shore cast has. Many of them have underwent cosmetic procedures, and Kyle’s £9,000 beard implants are just the beginning.

For some, this is uninteresting news. Don’t forget, The Challenge and Geordie Shore are reality shows and in the reality world, cosmetic surgery is a topic of interest. Clearly this has helped his confidence with the ladies, and as the season progresses, we will see whether of not he sticks with Marie or moves onto Cara Maria.

Of course, I have before and after pics. Mind you, the after pics are from shortly after the procedure so the grafted areas will be more prominent:


    1. AgreeD! I thought I read this wrong at first! Who knew that was even a thing guys were insecure about?!? Let alone insecure enough to spend 9k on getting a beard!

  1. You don’t have to be insecure to pay to get another beard maybe you just want one .. you know it’s something who obviously have the money do

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