Champs vs. Stars

Champs Vs. Stars: Episode 8 MVPs.

Right where we left off!

For the Stars, Josh and Michelle relied on a coin toss, and picked Justina as their final teammate. For the Champs, Bananas and Emily picked CT.

The Final: There were five stages. First was a balance beam obstacle course, won by the Champs. Second was a jumping and ducking competition around revolving beams, won by the Champs. Third was a race and match where teams had to collect pictures of competitor and match them to their charities. Finally, the Stars won something. Fourth was a game of soapy soccer, won by the Champs. The final stage was a race around  the stadium to collect puzzle pieces, and dig for keys to unlock the chains, and then solving a puzzle with the pieces. The Champs, who had an advantage for winning more the prior stages, won the whole competition and each won $50,000 for their charities.

Stars MVP: Michelle

Michelle gave this competition her all and her performance in the final showed that. While Josh seems to take the leadership role, Michelle’s calm demeanor was the glue holding her team together, especially when Josh was injured and couldn’t see.

Stars MVP: Emily

Coming back after four years away, Emily showed that she is true champ material. She consistently performed well this season, was very focused on her charity, and won for the second time. We may never see her again, but this was a great showing for her.

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