Challenge: Vendettas

The Challenge Vendetta: Top Moments from Episode 3

First real elimination, but was it really worth the cliffhanger?

1. You’re Fired

Cory and Nelson compete in a game called Balls of Fire which is soccer with a fiery ball. Whoever gets more goals wins, but neither of these two know how to play soccer. Plus, there’s a huge flame in the middle of the field so they’re just kicking fire everywhere. TJ announces the game will go to sudden death, first goal wins. Nelson kicks the ball into the goal, while Cory’s dainty kick doesn’t even make it to the goal. Nelson, wins and now has a Grenade… a power to steal or penalize another player. Ultimately, he steals $5,000 from Joss rather than hinder someone else’s game.

2. Rookie Roulette 

The rookies are starting to strategize. While Natalie is trying to befriend the whole house, Melissa is fooling around with Nicole because she is a strong female. Alicia is now solo because Cory is gone, and Devin is trying to take make a new ally. All of the rookies are having fun, until cheerleading practice results in Melissa cutting her foot. Her injury means she can’t compete in any water-based challenges. Because the next challenge is over water, Melissa can’t compete and she is automatically going into The Ring.

3. Attack of the Hashtag

The next challenge is called #Vendettas and the competitors must traverse a giant hashtag suspended over to move 4 hashtags to their opponents’ platforms. They will be competing in four heats with five or six competitors, and the three fastest times will make up the Troika while the fastest male and fastest female will get $12,500. Luckily, Melissa has injured herself so no other girl will have to worry about going straight to The Ring. Victor, Natalie, Devin, and Sylvia win their heats with Natalie and Devin getting the fastest times. Those two are in the Troika, joined by Bananas (who was second in Devin’s heat).

4. New Dog in an Old Fight

Knowing a rookie is in the Troika, a lot of the rookies like Kam and Alicia have a sense of safety. However, Natalie has different plans. She has discussions with veterans like Veronica and Kailah hoping that will carry her father in the game. While Veronica sees the flaws in her approach, she agrees to a pact with Natalie to ensure her safety.

5. Severing Ties

Ultimately, Natalie’s decision must include input from Bananas and Devin. They all agree on sending in Alicia, a lone ranger now that Cory’s gone. While Natalie has bonds with most girls, she absolutely refuses to send in Veronica. Bananas and Devin convince her to send in Kam and Kayleigh. This is a surprise to the rookies who hoped Natalie would break the status quo of targeting rookies. Alicia, Kam, and Kayleigh are now going to have to fight for their lives in The Inquisition.

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