The Challenge

Danni Victor Breaks Silence on Relationship with CT

If you have any familiarity with both the Bad Girls Club and The Challenge, you’ve probably heard a few rumors about a relationship between CT and Danni Victor, star of The Bad Girls Club Season 8 and multiple spin offs. Most notably, she reappeared on Bad Girls Club: All Stars where she opened up about a pregnancy and a miscarriage.

In her video found on her Youtube channel, she discusses her relationship with CT and the circumstances leading to her pregnancy and confirming that CT was the father.

Do I believe this story? Yes, I do. However, avid Challenge fans will notice the timeline of this story doesn’t exactly jive with the mentioned Challenges. In all honesty, every time Danni refers to Battle of the Exes, I think she means Rivals 2 as that season was filmed around the time of Bad Girls Club All Stars Battle. But, I don’t except Danni to have a perfect memory of these seasons and I wouldn’t let this small detail deter you from the core of the story.

While this story doesn’t paint CT in the best light, we’ve all known he has had his share of struggles. Also, Danni has been involved in other rumors surrounding the Challenge cast, but those will be addressed when she wants to talk about them.

If you’re interested, I’d recommend watching. It is 18 minutes though.


UPDATE: So Danni deleted the video.

Here’s a rundown of what she said:

  • She had a relationship with CT after filming BGC: All Star Battle 1 and CT finished filming “Battle of the Exes” (in reality, it was likely Rivals 2 due to the timeline).
  • They started off friends with benefits. She fell for him, she knows she fell for him, and it was reciprocated for a while.
  • When The Challenge started to air, CT left to do promo and was basically fooling around with multiple girls.
  • She and CT never really got along after this, but they did try to reconcile.
  • CT slept with Danni, she got pregnant, and CT didn’t want to be a father.
  • Danni has a miscarriage and CT was happy and toasted to “dodging a bullet.”

There’s a lot more to this story, but I don’t want to post anything more compromising than this.


    1. I like how they start to give a breakdown of the video and then say “There’s a lot more to this story, but I don’t want to post anything more compromising than this.” What kind of crap is that? You already started, so just finish. Lame article on a site called “stop being polite”.

  1. yeah, we know CT’s been trash for years and used Diem for a redemption. He was a dick towards Diem around Rivals 2 tooo

    1. It will be really disappointing if CT doesn’t at least make an appearance. He is “the challenge” Johnny has won more, by manipulation and politics, but CT has won almost as many and a lot more money through sheer talent. He is a beast. Nobody will ever be like him! As far as him using people and using Diem? That’s not true! He was the one who was always ready to be with Diem and proposed to her many times. She wanted to persue her career while she had the chance and she was the one who held him at bay. He was angry because when his Brother was murdered she didn’t show up to his funeral after just having broken up with him. They talked this through during Their argument…. CT and Diem reconciled and we’re very good friends until near her death, when CT stayed with her right up to her final breath. He proposed to her before she died and she finally accepted. CT posted about this soon after in his instagram page with photos of him holding her as she was struggling during her last days. Nobody knows all of the details of their relationship because they chose to keep it that way. She didn’t want to be in a relationship for a long time because she wanted to accomplish everything she wanted to do… but CT always loved her and is still very very upset. He never talks about it. She was the love of his life.

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