Challenge: Vendettas

The Challenge Vendettas: Top Moments from Episode 5

We watched for an hour. All we got was one elimination.

1. Karma is Brad’s Bitch

After being sent into elimination, a sick Sylvia is receiving a lot of support. Even Tony, who was mad at her from Invasion, asked who she wants to see in the Troika. She says the two Brits (Kayleigh and Melissa). Meanwhile, the rest of the house wants to split up Brad and Britni, especially because Brad has been so erratic. Brad wants to take matters into his own hands and cut a deal with Tony to keep Britni safe. Tony seems receptive during the conversation, but afterwards he feels Brad benefits while he gains nothing through this deal.

2. Question SessionMelissa Reeves Challenge VendettasKayleigh, Melissa, and Britni end up in The Inquisition. Kayleigh remains sweet and takes the approach of stating her worth in the game. Britni feels she’s only there because of Brad, and she’s not wrong, but she doesn’t feel that’s a good reason for her to face Sylvia. Melissa tells the Troika she is the reason they’re in the Troika together (she used her grenade to assemble teams last episode), but Kayleigh notes that she’s dressed like a slapper, which is British slang for a slut. Much of the conversation with Melissa centers on her relationship with Nicole.

3. International LoveNicole and Kayleigh Challenge Vendettas

Kayleigh accuses Melissa of using Nicole, stating that there’s always a Nicole when Melissa is on reality shows. She clings to someone and acts smitten, but in reality she is trying to advance her game. While Melissa is dancing with Nicole in the club, rumors about their relationship circulate through the cast thanks to Kayleigh. Kayleigh later tries to convince Nicole that Melissa is playing her, but Nicole won’t have any of it. She knows what Melissa is up to, and she’s on board with it.

4. Rookie RageKam Melissa Challenge Vendettas fight

When the cast gets home, Kam confronts Melissa and wants to tell Melissa that everyone is talking about her. Melissa is angry that Kam is “getting in her face” and the two start to argue. This escalates into a fight where Melissa is inviting Kam to hit her, but can is staying fairly composed. Jemmye gets in the middle to break up the fight, and all of the girls start yelling. The two are separated, but Melissa calls Kam a bully the next morning and tells Kam not breathe the same air as her.

5. Well OiledSylvia Elsrode elimination

Melissa is selected to compete against Sylvia in an elimination called Oil and Water. TJ drops a ball down a peg board, and the girls who are covered in oil must race through a pool of water on their knees and obtain the ball then put it in their bucket. First girl to do this three times wins. Melissa scores the first ball, but when Sylvia obtains the second ball the fighting begins. Melissa tries to pull hair, knee Sylvia below the belt, and bite to get control of the ball. While there is some exchange, the ball then falls out of bounds. Sylvia then redeems herself by getting the second, third and fourth balls. This makes her the winner and now Melissa is headed home.

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