Challenge: Vendettas

The Challenge Vendettas: Top Moments from Episode 6

An episode full of lovers, liars, but no eliminations.
1. Love, Anonymous
Britni receives an anonymous note on her bed, warning her that the other girls talk about her behind her back when she’s not around. Not wanting to be suspects,Britni’s roommates begin to speculate.Their primary suspects are Shane: he found the note, but claims he didn’t write it. He claims he was sleeping but heard flip flops. Marie: owns flip flops and is the type of person who would want to stir up drama. Cara Maria: She’s the type of person who would leave a note and try to avoid a conversation. Or Jemmye, because she loves a good rumor. A cast-wide search begins, but no suspect is found.
2. Deep Sea Scares
The next challenge takes place at night, and is 15 feet below water. The competition, called Gasping For Air, requires competitors to dive and move a ring along a 150 foot rope. There are three air stations along the way, and the team that accumulates the most feet moved wins $25,000 to split. The three fastest people on that team will become the Troika. Despite winning a grenade in the last Ring, Sylvia is too sick to compete so her grenade becomes a dud and she stays home with Natalie- also sick. The cast begins diving and the bad swimmers are quickly identified.
3. Revenge In the Dark
Only a handful of players make it all the way through the 150 foot course. Those players include: Bananas, Tony, Victor, Brad and Shane. The team consisting of Bananas, Tony, Zach, Kyle and Kailah accumulate the most feet moved, while the team consisting of Brad, Nelson, Kam, Marie, and Kayleigh are the losing team. Bananas, Kyle, and Tony make up the Troika while the losing team needs to vote in one male. They decide on Brad, because everyone likes Nelson more… and that’s saying something!
4. The Winners and the Victor
The Troika has to decide on three people to go into the Inquisition, but prior to their deliberation Victor tries to convince Kyle to send in Joss. Despite this his best efforts, Victor finds himself in The Inquistion with Shane and Devin. At the Inquisition, Bananas gets a pot of tea and tries to get the others to “spill tea.” Shane takes the bait, and says his whole room, which includes Victor, wants to send Bananas home. Victor is shocked, and tries to deflect Shane’s statements, but the Troika takes Victor’s deflection as a confession.
5. Party Foul
The cast goes clubbing and everyone is on their worst behavior. Victor is trying to save face and convince people not to vote him into The Ring. Shane takes this as a personal attack and confronts Victor. While Victor claims he lost respect for Shane, Shane knows he’s exposing Victor’s game of being the nice guy 24/7.


  1. I wonder if they are going to penalize Sylvia and Natalie for not competing on the next challenge like how they threw Melissa right into the elimination for not being able to do the challenge.

    1. It’s a guys elimination week, so no. The girls only missed out on the chance to make the troika and earn money, and Silvia lost her grenade.

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