Challenge: Vendettas

Who Are the Heavy Hitters Invading The Challenge Vendettas?

If you watched the season trailer or the midseason trailer that aired this week, you’ll know we’re getting two rounds of “heavy hitters” this season. They’re coming in with a vengeance, and looking to trim down the Vendettas cast.

While some of these people seem like unbeatable opponents, your odds are going to be much better facing certain competitors. Here’s a breakdown of who we’ll be seeing, and who’s the toughest competitor.

This may go without saying, but this is a semi-spoiler. Only the competitors will be reveals though, not their opponent form the Vendetta’s cast. Only read if you want to know.

Group 1:


Coming off a second place finish on Dirty Thirty, Derrick can confidently go into The Ring knowing he beat Bananas last season, a rare feat. He’s not an opponent you want to compete against, ask he’s known to be scrappy and have a good amount of endurance.

Can Derrick be beaten? It will be tough, but not impossible. Size will be a big factor in beating him, as Tyler was able to do so on Cutthroat, Anyone competing against Derrick should be scared.

Victories: Three Challenge wins (The Inferno 3, The Island, The Ruins), Eight elimination wins.


The winner of Dirty Thirty, Jordan is a very well-rounded player. While he excels in almost everything, he’s also known to let his cockiness get the best go him.

Can he be beaten? Possibly. Bananas did it on Free Agents, but there aren’t a lot of times when he has lost. While Jordan is a great competitor, he’s also the type of player built for a final. Endurance is a great asset of his, so he’s likely more beatable in The Ruing.

Victories: Two Challenge wins (Battle of the Exes 2, Dirty Thirty), 5 elimination wins, returned from Redemption on Dirty Thirty.


A new-comer to the heavy-hitter clan, Tori might still be riding on beginner’s luck. After all, she did come in third in the Dirty Thirty finale. While this is true, she is technically undefeated in eliminations.

Can she be beaten? Despite never seeing her lose, I’m going to say yes. No doubt she can perform well, but she hasn’t had any true wow-moment yet to establish her as a beast.

Victories: Two eliminations, including eliminated Shawn Johnson on Champs vs. Pros


Longtime Challenge star Aneesa has seen her ups and downs, but has never won a season. Despite this, she earned a reputation as an elimination brawler. Before there was Cara Maria, Aneesa held the records for most female elimination wins.

Can she be beaten? Yes. In fact, she hasn’t won an elimination since beating Jonna on Free Agents in 2013.

Victories: Nine elimination wins plus she fought her way back from Redemption on Dirty Thirty.

Group 2:

After getting out early on Dirty Thirty, Darrell is ready to leave a mark on the Vendettas cast. While his performance was underwhelming last season, Challenge fans know he held the record for most wins until Bananas took the title from him.

Can he be beaten? It will be really, really tough. CT beat him on Invasion, but when it comes to brute strength I don’t know if Darrell can be beaten. You’re going to have to be really crafty and think fast if you want to take this legend out.

Victories: Five Challenge wins (The Gauntlet, The Inferno, The Inferno 2, Fresh Meat, Champs vs. Pros), Five elimination wins.


It has been a while since we saw Frank on TV, but just because he wasn’t been on The Challenge doesn’t mean he hasn’t been working out. He’s an avid gym rat and a bit of a brainiac. As far as the male Heavy Hitters go, he’s the wild card.

Can he be beaten? I want to say yes, but he hasn’t been yet. Frank is a very well rounded competitor, and even if you can out-muscle him, he’ll probably outsmart you before you get the chance to.

Victories: Winner of Battle of the Seasons, three elimination wins, never lost an elimination.

Ashley M:

Ashley’s perception on The Challenge changed after he victory on Invasion. She might look like an easy win, but she thrives on being underestimated. While she voluntarily left her past two appearances, she has comes onto Vendettas with a clear mind and a vendetta against anyone who doubts her.

Can she be beaten? Yes, but it’s not going to be easy. If the Invasion final told us anything it’s that Ashley is surprising resourceful when put under pressure. Then, on Champs vs. Pros, she started to take out other Champs when put to the test. With this said, she has lost before and it could happen again.

Victories: Winner of Invasion, three elimination wins (including Champs. vs Pros.)


Laurel’s last appearance on Invasion was a surprising new image for her. She was more open and sensitive and she lost an elimination to Camila. Don’t let this fool you, she is one of the toughest females to appear on The Challenge ever. She shows up to win, and I expect no different this season.

Can she be beaten? Technically, yes, but it’s very doubtful. She has beaten Cara Maria, likely regarded as the strongest female on Vendettas, twice. If you want to beat Laurel you’ll need to think fast, hit hard, and have luck on your side.

Victories: Winner of Free Agents, nine elimination wins.

I don’t think the Vendettas cast will be ready for these guys. These are the competitors we hoped to see this season, and it’s exciting to get a glimpse of what they’d bring to this season.

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