Challenge: Vendettas

The Note: Is it Good Gameplay?

This week we saw a new move in The Challenge. Someone left Britni an anonymous note warning her the other girls are talking about her. While this news isn’t exactly shocking, the fact that someone deliberately and maliciously left this note is a clear effort to separate the girls in the household.

There’s no doubt that multiple people are impacted by the note, but it mostly boils down to two bedrooms. Firstly, we have Britni’s room where Britni, Veronica, Jemmye and Cara Maria sleep. This room is often shared with Shane and Kyle, as they will spend the night with people in the room. The other room impacted is Marie’s room, along with Kailah, Sylvia and Kam.

Marie seems to be a prime suspect, and she does seem to be impacted by the note. She insists she didn’t write it and is upset she’s a suspect. There’s also Cara Maria, who seems to respect the fact that the note has resulted in such unrest in the house. From what it seems like, she’s a little too happy about this.

At least half of the house has been distracted by the note, and people seem to be turning their backs on “friends” over this. So yes, this note did result in some damage that will benefit some people’s games. However, the more damage that is done, the more invested people become in finding the ghostwriter. With the amount of damage increasing, the writer will receive a good amount of backlash when they are discovered.

Devin said the psychological game is often ignored on The Challenge, and this is an attempt at psychological warfare in the house. People have definitely been distracted and relationships have been shaken. If the writer gets away with this, it was a great move. If the writer gets caught… and it does seem likely… the backlash may be more severe than the damage resulting from the note itself.

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