Challenge: Vendettas

The Challenge Vendettas: Top Moments from Episode 7

A lot went down this episode!

1.       No Victor

The Troika sends Victor in to compete against Brad, and the game is called Troubled Waters. The goal is to empty a tank of water below a red line and then smash through the bottom. Victor splashed around while Brad uses a thrusting motion to create waves. Brad technique proves more effective and he is able to defeat Victor, earning himself a win and a grenade.

2.       Note-orious

 Another note appears, and the cast begins to point fingers. Then, we discover the real culprit: Bananas. He had his sister write notes prior to departure and has been planting them around the house. Now, he’s sitting back and watching people point fingers.

3.       Pulling Strings 

The next challenge begins with a good amount of surprises. Sylvia is out of the competition, she has been sick for over a week and is unable to continue. We are about to embark on a “double elimination” so competitors need to prepare for both a male and female pairing to go into The Ring. The challenge will divide the competitors into two teams, and because Brad won a grenade, he is able to give a one minute time penalty to Kam, and her entire team will begin a minute later.

In the Puppet Master challenge, the teams are tasked with assembling pieces together to create giant puppets of CT and Aneesa. All competitors are chained together, making moving around harder. The green team, making the puppet of Aneesa, wins because they have the one minute head start. So, the winning team assigns Tony, Nicole Z, and Kyle to be the Troika. The losing team sends Joss and Veronica straight to The Ring.

4.       Playing All Angles

 Natalie Devin the Challenge

The Troika has to pick three males and three females to nominate, but there is no Inquisition. They pick Shane, Devin, Nelson, Kam, Kayleigh, and Natalie. Prior to the elimination, Devin confronts Natalie because she seems to be playing all sides of the game. Natalie denies this, and Bananas steps in and calls him weak for having to pick on girls. Devin claims he’s just telling the trust and most of his cast mates see his point.

5.       Heavy Hits

The Troika sends in Shane and Kam, which pleased Nicole because she hates Shane. Then, a bomb is dropped and Derrick, Jordan, Tori, and Aneesa appear. Rather than the Vendettas competitors competing against each other, they’re playing against these four AKA The Mercenaries. The game is called Crazy Eights and the goal is to obtain a rope shaped like an “8” in the center of the rings and put it on your pole. The pairings are Shane vs. Jordan, Veronica vs. Aneesa, Derrick vs. Joss, and Kam vs. Tori. We start of by seeing Shane competing against Jordan, and Jordan wins without too much struggle, sending Jordan home. Next up is Aneesa vs. Veronica. Their first round results in no points scored because they go out of bounds… but will a broken pinky stop Veronica from competing?!?! Find out next week…

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  1. Finally, an episode with more action and less yapping. Nice to see both an elimination and a challenge (and then the start of another elimination) in one episode!

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