Challenge: Vendettas

Is Tony Actually the Best Competitor On Vendettas?

Over the past four seasons, we’ve watched Tony Raines become a regular on The Challenge. His storyline has been riddled with hook-ups, drunken outbursts, and unexpected departures. While he has performed well on a few seasons, he has yet to see a final and his performance in challenges has been overshadowed by drama.

Not this season. This season, Tony has been a standout competitor, but it didn’t start that way. He was middle-of-the-pack during the Get Off the Rock challenge, but that was good enough to avoid elimination. However, he was in the Inquisition after the first real challenge and his game was in danger due to his Vendetta Brad being in the Troika. Luckily, Cory’s sloppy gameplay saved him from going into elimination. After, his performance on the #Vendettas challenge was mediocre.

I would like to note, Tony was sick at the beginning of this season. This is why he doesn’t have a proper cast photo like other competitors.

Then, the eating Challenge came around and Tony absolutely killed the competition. No one else was able to win in the eating challenge, but Tony won three rounds.Tony Raines Challenge VendettasThis victory found him in the Troika and gave him the power to jeopardize the game of Britni, Brad’s new girlfriend. While he ultimately didn’t throw her into elimination, he did put himself in the position to make deals if he wanted to.

Then we have the Gasping for Air challenge, where Tony complete the course despite missing two of the breathing stations. While we only know how he performed compared to the members of his team and not the whole cast, it’s safe to assume his lack of breathing allowed him to have one of the fastest times. Once again, he finds himself with power and in the Troika.

This week we saw him on the winning team of the Puppet Master challenge. While his whole team and Brad’s grenade should be attributed to success, he did get selected to be in the Troika and decide two people to go into elimination.

I have to say, I did not expect Tony to perform so well this season. He definitely stepped up his game and is in a good spot to continue doing well. Players are going to take notice of his performances in challenges and his repeated involvement in the Troika. Even if he does perform poorly, he will likely have the power to avoid going into The Ring because he has given favors to other competitors and he is likely to have the power to retaliate if someone tries to mess with his game. I expect Tony to go far this season, and the only chance of him going home would be meeting a Mercenary in The Ring.

How do you feel about Tony this season? Do you think he finally has the chance of winning? Or will his past drama and vendettas but an end to his good luck?

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