Challenge: Vendettas

The Challenge Vendettas: Top Moments from Episode 8

Here we are again. The Mercenaries are back!

1. Getting CrushedKam Tori Vendettas

After their first round, Veronica finds out her pinky is broken, so she taps out and Aneesa technically wins, so Veronica is going home. The second female elimination is Tori vs. Kam, and Tori scores the first point in Crazy 8. Kam gets fired up, and is determined not to lose. So, she scores the next two points and defeats Tori, proving she is the new AYTO rookie to watch!

2. Crazy 11Joss Derrick Vendettas

The final battle is Derrick vs. Joss, and it’s clear both guys are in for a long battle. Any time one person makes any progress, the other will try to move out of bounds and reset the match. After an hour of failed attempts, TJ announces the game is going into sudden death. During the eleventh round and with points scored, Joss steps out of bounds but Derrick remains in the ring. Joss thinks the round is about to be reset, but Derrick takes the opportunity to hook the 8 and win, sending Joss home and making Kam the only victor.

3. Deal or Three Deals Now that Kam has a grenade, all of the girls are trying to avoid being the victim of the grenade. Natalie tries to make a deal with Kam, but she quickly realizes that making a deal with Kam means making a deal with her roommates Marie and Kailah. Natalie’s plan works, and Kam uses her grenade to cover Cara Maria in lube. Cara accepts the penalty, but tells Kam that she will try to face her in elimination if she loses.

4. Crash Landing 

The prior Troika separates the cast into four teams, and the challenge is called Car Crash. Competitors needs to jump through a series of five cars and weave in and out of each car prior to jumping onto the next one. The fastest person to complete the course will win $25,000 for their team and the ability to assemble a Troika. Competitors quickly realize this competition will be trickier than anticipated because there is no grip on the car and jumping is very slippery. Multiple competitors take hard falls, with Leroy taking the hardest. He doesn’t appear responsive when hitting the water and is taken away by an ambulance. Meanwhile, only Zach and Nelson compete the course, wih Nelson doing so the fastest, so his team wins.

5. Lie BreakerMarie Challenge Vendettas

The losing team must vote one female into elimination, and the team consisting of Brad, Kam, Marie, and Jemmye finished in last place. Brad and Jemmye vote Marie into elimination while Marie votes for Jemmye. Marie, who has become close with her roommate Kam, wants Kam to vote in Jemmye. However, Kam doesn’t want to know what happens when there is a tie so she votes for Marie. Now, Marie will be guaranteed to go into elimination and her friendship with Kam has been severed.

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