Challenge: Final Reckoning

Challenge 32 Format Will Be Revealed Tomorrow During ‘Winter Break’

MTV really wants you to give their new show Winter Break a try, so they’ve staged a big announcement in the middle of the premier episode.

The official Challenge Twitter account is promoting a big announcement, but Cara Maria kind of already spilled the beans. They’re going to announce the theme of the next season:

Cara claims she doesn’t even know the theme yet! But this is really the first time MTV let us know the theme in advance… unless you count The Inferno 2. In late 2004, during the airing of Battle of the Sexes 2, MTV let us vote whether a big pool of former cast members were naughty or nice. However, we had no idea this would translate into an “Inferno” theme.

It’s exciting to see this news coming! What do you think the theme will be?

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