Challenge: Final Reckoning

The Challenge: Final Reckoning. Coming Summer 2018

The Challenge: The Final Reckoning MTV has announced the theme of the 32nd season, and it’s named: The Final Reckoning.

Of course, the announced “theme” means absolutely nothing to us, but the trailer does use a number of audio clips from Dirty Thirty and Vendettas. At first glance, I worried this season would be the final Challenge season. I don’t that that will be the case. The Challenge has been doing well in the ratings and it doesn’t seem like a good idea to pull the plug on it.

This theme could mean one of two things, in my opinion:

Firstly, it could be a fusion between rivals, exes and other pairings. People who have history working together to finally squash their beef or end their relationship.

MTV may also see Dirty Thirty and Vendettas as two pieces of a trilogy, and this being the final season focused on backstabbing and forced revenge. After this, they may have a new direction for The Challenge.

Or, I could be completely wrong. Tell me what you think The Final Reckoning could mean!

The Challenge: The Final Reckoning. Coming this summer.

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  1. Definitely think it’s a trilogy with seasons 30 and 31. Many times this season they have said new vendettas have been formed and the promo for vendettas was all about the rivalries that had been formed during dirty 30.

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