Challenge: Vendettas

The Challenge Vendettas: Top Moments from Episode 9

It looks like we’re getting elimination then challenge now. Is this the new format?

1. An Alliance Torn

The alliance between Kam, Marie, and Kailah has been severed by Kam voting Marie into The Ring. Now, the girls are trying to save themselves. With Bananas, Natalie, and Nelson making the Troika, it’s time to kiss ass. Marie tells Bananas that she will let him determine the use of her grenade if he sets her up for success while Kailah tells Bananas that Zach, Leroy, and Tony are her male allies. Kailah then finds herself in the Inquisition with Nicole and Cara Maria, where she tries to explain that Bananas’s friends are her friends, but it seems like she’s done some damage.

2. Stuck in a Basket

Inevitably, Kailah is selected to face Marie in The Ring. The game is called Basket Case and the two girls are put into a basket they must break out of, then they must complete a jigsaw puzzle. Breaking out of the basket proves more challenging than anticipated, and Kailah break out first. By the time Marie is out, Kailah basically done with her puzzle and wins.

3. Team Work

As the winner, Kailah gets a grenade. She chooses to pick the teams for the next challenge which is named Kicking Ass. As we know from Dirty Thirty, Kailah is not the best at picking teams. This time, she put more thought into it. She put all of the strongest males and females, aside from Bananas and Cara Maria, on her team. Then, Bananas and Cara Maria are on a team with all of the weaker and injured players.

4. Taller Ballers

Kicking Ass is a game of soccer where the players are placed in orbs and on stilts. No one can keep their balance, and the first team to score two goals wins. Devin manager to score the first goal for his team, the group of underdogs, but Tony then ties the game by scoring a goal for his team. Zach scores the second goal, and he secure the win for his team, the stronger team. The team decides to make Tony and Zach a part of the Troika, as they scored goals and Kailah is the third member because she picked the teams.

5. Banana Split

The losing team has to vote one male into elimination. Devin, Nelson, and Britni vote for Bananas while Cara Maria, Leroy, and Bananas vote for Devin. Jemmye then votes in Devin and Kayleigh follow her to secure Devin’s spot in The Ring. Devin is surprised and vocalizes his desire to face Bananas in elimination. However, everyone is surprised Kayleigh voted in Devin rather than Bananas, because she is with Nelson and Devin is Nelson’s boy. Something fishy is going on…

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