Challenge: Vendettas

Can Devin Actually Win Vendettas?

In an unexpected turn of events, Devin convince Tony to nominate his ally Bananas into The Ring. Bananas went in and lost to Devin. Now, Devin has done all of the guys a favor and may have earned himself a few allies in the process.

Devin Tony VendettasPrior to Bananas getting sent into The Ring, he told Devin that Devin was only remaining in the game because he was a “lay-up.” While Devin has had a few decent performances this season, it does appear most people consider him one of the weaker males. Just last week Kailah put him on a team with Bananas because she wanted Bananas and Cara Maria to be on the weaker team. So I can’t disagree with Bananas. Devin does appear to be viewed as an easier opponent.

At least, he’s physically weaker. When Devin determined he wanted to face Bananas in The Ring he successfully put a plan into motion to make Bananas “shook” and turn Tony against his ally. He exposed Bananas’s hookup with Kayleigh, made Bananas and Natalie fight, and painted a target on Bananas back. This psychological warfare worked, but we can’t ignore one fact: Devin was lucky. He faced Bananas in a puzzle.

Devin clearly showed he is capable of manipulating his way through this game, and with only a few weeks left, I wouldn’t be surprised if he continues to do this. He has gained favor from Tony and remains aligned with Nelson. These people are going to continue to keep Devin around, while people like Zach and Leroy will likely target Devin. Still, they’ll probably want Nelson or Tony out first because Devin appears to be weaker.

I think we might see Devin in another final. However, I think his chances of winning are low. Physically, I think most of the guys will beat him. He may be more clever, but he was also lucky to face Bananas in a puzzle. A final consists of many elements, and he won’t be able to outsmart his way through a race.

If he does outsmart his opponents to the finish like, I will be thoroughly impressed. I just don’t see it happening.


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