The Challenge

Ten People Who Have Wronged Johnny Bananas

With a history as long as Bananas’s, you’re bound to make a few enemies. While Bananas has made his share of shady moves, he’s also been the victim multiple times. These are the people who saw the opportunity to stab Bananas in the back and took it.

1. TylerThe beginning of the Bananas/ Tyler rivalry took place after the first challenge on The Duel when Tyler voted Bananas to compete against him. Tyler eliminated Bananas, who didn’t even have to lift a finger to lose. This feud would continue onto The Gauntlet 3 and Cutthroat until the two squashed their beef on Rivals.

2. Evan– The Johnny/Evan/Kenny alliance has earned infamy in Challenge history, but early into their friendship Evan opted to competeagazinst Bananas in the first male Gauntlet for the veterans on The Gauntlet 3. Bananas lost and went home, though it seems this was quickly overlooked. Bananas and Evan worked together on their next season together, The Ruins.

3. Wes

Wes and Bananas have a long history, but it began to turn sour on The Ruins after Evelyn and Kellyanne were forced to face each other in a Ruins and Bananas played a hand in setting the stage. The the two (kind of) buried the hatchet on Rivals, Wes returned on Battle of the Exes trying get Bananas eliminated. This quickly resulted on Wes getting sent into elimination and losing. Rivals 2, Battle of the Exes 2, and Rivals 3 saw Wes working against Bananas, but Wes really got his revenge on Champs vs. Pros when he went into elimination and took Bananas out single handedly.

4. Paula– After Bananas stabbed Paula in the back on The Island, Paula worked hard to rebuild their relationship. They experienced some turbulence on Rivals when Paula voted Bananas and Tyler into the final elimination. They returned, but it showed their relationship still had some cracks.

5. Cara Maria

Bananas and Cara Maria didn’t see eye-to-eye for the longest time, but it wasn’t until Free Agents that Cara Maria really had the ability to toss him into elimination. She jumped on the opportunity, and then faced him in elimination on Battle of the Bloodlines, where she won.

6. Jordan– While Jordan didn’t have much of an impact on Bananas during Rivals 2, he wanted to show his abilities on Free Agents by facing Bananas in elimination. Jordan flipped all the cards but later lost to Bananas and got sent home.

7. Sarah– Perhaps one of the biggest game moves on the show, Sarah stabbed Bananas in the back by sending him and Nany into the final elimination on Battle of the Exes 2. The resulted in Bananas getting sent home and later getting paired with him on Rivals 3 where she had the chance to take all of her money… and he did.

8. Cory

Cory sent Bananas into elimination on Battle of the Bloodlines, but the two tried to work together for a while on Rivals 3. While they seemed civil for a while, their divide was stronger than never on Dirty Thirty when the “young bucks” tried to target the veterans, making Cory an enemy to the vets. Cory later landed himself in hot water on Vendettas by working against Bananas, and then got sent home first.

9. Devin– Much like Jordan and Cory, Devin came in as a new kid targeting a veteran. He butted heads with Bananas on Rivals 3, but he really outplayed Bananas on Vendettas when he exposed his secret hookup with Kayleigh and convinced Tony to send him into elimination. Then, he went into elimination and sent Bananas home.

10. Tony– Bananas has always been nice to Tony, accepting him as a member of his alliance. Tony caused the divide her by being the deciding vote to send Bananas into elimination on Vendettas. While this may have been a good game move this time around, Bananas promised revenge in the future.


  1. even though they squashed their beef like most of these I’m survived CT isn’t on this list. Their small fight on the Gauntlet 3, Bananas backpack on Cutthroat, Johnny eliminating CT on Rivals, their fight on Rivals 2, etc.

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