Challenge: Vendettas

Has Tony Ruined His Game on Vendettas?

Tony has really improved this season. I noted it earlier into the season, and he continues to be a dominating force.

He continuously puts himself in a position where he’s in the Troika and sets the playing field so he’s likely to return to power. This has worked well for him, but we’re not starting to see the cracks in his gameplay. Politically, Tony is stabbing people in the back. It started with Bananas, who lost in elimination to Devin. Prior to sending Bananas into The Rings, Tony gave Bananas his word that Bananas was safe. Then there was Britni, who allowed Tony to be in the Troika after winning as his teammate. He promised Britni safety, then went back on his word. Now we have Natalie, and again, Tony promised his teammates safety and went back on his word.

Tony has stabbed three people in the back, and he’s lucky that none of them returned. However, their allies remain in the game. This week Tony put Banana’s allies Cara Maria and Leroy on a losing team and they know he’s not longer working with them. While he ended up in the Troika with Brad, eliminating Britni is a guaranteed way to get on Brad’s bad side. Natalie didn’t have a great reputation, but Tony has branded himself as dishonest by eliminating her. The only people who may still have his back are Nicole and Zach, and there’s no guarantee he’d protect those two.

I do think Tony has dug himself into a hole. Most competitors would vote him into elimination without hesitation, as they have no loyalty to him. He does have one saving grace: he’s physically strong. In this game, The Ring is the worst place you can find yourself. and Tony has a shot of winning against any male. However, I doubt he’d be able to talk his away out of The Ring if he’s in a jam.


  1. This challenge NO depending on what happens at Prague (if it’s depended on the cast members making the decisions and who it is unless it’s performance base like the guy and girl who have the worst times in the mission before final). Future Challenges YES especially with Bananas though Bananas is a whiny bitch.

  2. Tony is going to be fine. This is exactly how bananas plays the game. Who knows maybe tony will be the new challenge dominator after this?! And at least he won’t be a whiny little bitch about everything like Bananas!

  3. I actually was getting disgusted with Tony due to his drunken behavior on previous seasons but this season has changed that. He is seemingly much more mature and concentrating on the game rather than partying. Maybe in future challenges Tony will dominate and put Bananas in his place once and for all. Tony is playing the game which is what Challenges are supposed to be about.

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