Challenge: Vendettas

Bananas vs. Devin: Has Devin Taken It Too Far?

Last night’s reunion included some heated words, but no one had more to say than Devin, who defeated Bananas in an elimination this season. It was the upset no one was expecting, and Devin is really, really, happy he beat Bananas.

Devin should be proud, but let’s be honest, he won in a puzzle. We all know that Bananas isn’t the best at puzzles, but he isn’t that incompetent. Remember, he did beat CT in the last elimination Still, it’s not like Devin beat Bananas in his prime. He really just got lucky and faced Bananas in an elimination designed to be a neutralizer.

At the reunion, Devin took every opportunity to remind Bananas that he defeated him. Bananas tried to remind Devin that it was just a puzzle, but Devin kept reminding Bananas. While I do believe that Devin should be proud, and Bananas does not deserve mercy, I don’t think Devin should continue to boast. The more he mentions his victory, the less impressed I am. Devin beat Bananas when the odds were in his favor, especially because Bananas has a better track record. After all, Bananas slaughtered Devin in the Rivals 3 final.

To be honest, Devin should really be proud that he convinced Tony to switch votes. That is a more impressive feat, and that resulted in a real friendship being tested. If Devin’s goal was to wreak havoc on Bananas’s life, he definitely succeeded.

At the end of the day, Devin did win, but Johnny did make a valid point earlier this season. Devin lost in the Help Me Rhonda race and went home. He was a lay-up, and the stronger competitors want him to stick around so they’ll be safe when curveballs like this pop up.


  1. Johnny has done a shitload of gloating over his entire career. I don’t feel the list bit sorry for him that Devin kept pouring it on regardless of the circumstances.

  2. Honestly I don’t think Tony needed convincing as much as he needed opportunity. All Devin did was remind him it was time. They had this conversation (cryptically) at that little after party on the Dirty 30 reunion. I am interested in seeing how Devin performs on CvS because he looks like he’s actually working out now.

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