Challenge: Vendettas

Was the Vendettas Final Too Easy?

Vendettas opened with a cutthroat, overnight Challenge. When the season came to a wrap, the final was only one day long. Compared to other seasons, this seems quick and less rigorous. Many fans are wondering why the final was so easy.

I do believe this is likely the easiest final out of the past 10 or so. If not this season, then Rivals 2. However, I’m not upset by this. I think of seasons like Battle of the Seasons or Battle of the Exes 1 where the finals were overnight, but the check points were pretty meaningless. There was so much running that the check points didn’t provide a big enough obstacle to change the outcome of the race. This season seemed less about running and move about the obstacles.

The problem with this final was that it was too random. I understand this season is “Vendettas” themed, but including the Mercenaries to play a game of high-low was unnecessary and utterly screwed Kam. While I’m not completely upset with the game of torches, which required some strategy, the game of swords was all dependent upon your partner. For a final that was so short, the element of luck was very prominent.

Additionally, it seemed odd that the bulk of this final was divided by gender, as this season promoted only one winner. Now, the second stage is not divided by gender, and Kailah snuck in as the second female.

While this was definitely an easier final than most other seasons, that wasn’t my issue. My issue lies in the fact that it seems to promote randomness and it seemed very disjointed.

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  1. I totally agree that the final was too easy. I’ve been watching The Challenge since the beginning and I think this final was the most disappointing. It wasn’t nearly as physically challenging as normal and much was just left up to chance or luck. I do like the fact that this time there is only one winner.

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