Challenge: Vendettas

Cara Maria Wins The Challenge: Vendettas

After fourteen episodes and two reunion episodes, the winner of Vendettas has been announced: Cara Maria!

Cara Maria is the first solo winner of The Challenge, taking home a total of $380,125 this season.

This is a very impressive feat for Cara Maria, who didn’t achieve her first win until her eight season. Now, on her eleventh real season, she has obtained her second win (plus, she competed on Champs vs. Pros, which she won).

It’s important to note how much she has improved upon her abilities in mental challenges. While she used to struggle on puzzles/ memory components of the final, she was able to maintain composure and win the second stage of the final which was entirely memory based.

Congratulations to Cara Maria! Our first solo winner.

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  1. so happy for you queen you deserve it and you shut all haters marie kailah kam nelson and jordan

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