Champs vs. Stars 2

The Challenge Champs vs. Stars 2: MVPs from Episode 1

Sorry for the delay! The new season has started.

The Challenge: Stair Down. The goal is to climb a massive tarp/set of stairs covered in lube. Teams have 15 minutes to complete, if you fail to complete under the time cap you get a five minute penalty for your team.

Elimination: Screw Off. Using a baseball bat, competitors must hit a giant screw with their opponent’s face on it until it reaches the top of the screw and knocks a cap off.

Red Team MVP: Shane

This season has promoted devious and shady gameplay, an environment in which Shane thrives. During the challenge, he took it upon himself to “fall” down the stairs and knock over his opponents in the process. Upon hearing about the mixed teams, he ensured the stronger stars would be going into elimination so he could preserve the champs on the game.

Blue Team MVP: Casper

J.Lo’s ex did well during the challenge, only being defeated by Tony during his heat. However, he found himself in elimination where he defeated Arian. He proved his strength in this game, and gave Tony a reason to be afraid.

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